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Biometrics is a protection gauge industrious to uniquely identify beings fixed on their biological or physiological characteristics. Biometrics is used as an appended resources to stipulate verification or can be used as the original resources of verification.  Some of the vulgar confession traits used in biometrics embrace fingerprints and people’s eye. The use of divorceicular traits by biometric identification plan can mystify secrecy concerns. Explain in your own tone how biometric identification is achieved. What are some of the characteristics of biometric identification? What are some of the advantages for using biometric identification? What are some of the secrecy concerns in employing biometric identification techniques? Your vindication should be at smallest one page. Your tractate should embrace a denomination page, be 12 – font and wrap spaced. The denomination page obtain not be considered as divorce as the page estimate for this assignment. Be strong to use APA mode quotation if you are citing any sources to buttress your claims.