For this week's argument, elaboration one (1) publicly traded guild in which you are zealous using the Internet and/or Strayer databases. Lodge the guild website and financial statements. Also lodge notification on the symbols of fetters the guild issues. Review the Liabilities individuality of the guild's Balance Sheet. Be unhesitating to debate. Imagine that you right unravel environing another guild in the common perseverance confrontment wrong score for misrepresenting their liabilities. Naturally, you're worried that the guild you're elaborationing rule be doing notability common. Hypothesize a scenario in which someone at the guild could purposedly conjecture liabilities for his or her identical financial perform. Recommend two (2) actions that these companies can obtain?} to anticipate or discover purposed conjecturements of liabilities for identical financial perform. Justify your counter-argument. Imagine that you are advising an investor who is regarding purchasing fetters issued by the separated guild. Analyze the symbols of fetters the clarified guild issues. Make a instruction to the investor as to which symbol of fetter would collect the most rate. Justify your counter-argument. Remarks: Please be inferential, obvious and compendious and secure that references are cited using the APA format.