Eradicating Social Ills

ASSIGNMENT 2 FIK 3042 ENGLISH FOR COMMUNICATION 2 ERADICATING SOCIAL ILLS AMONGST TEENAGERS GROUP: EL-AO4 Prepared by NAME| ID NUMBER| TELEPHONE NUMBER| Kasthuri Bai A/P Thangarajah| D20111049818| 013-9801264| Lecturer : Dr. Lajiman bin Janoory Dateline :6th November 2011 ERADICATING SOCIAL ILLS AMONGST TEENAGERS. Nowadays, the gregarious ills discurrentst teenagers are so uncontrolled that they are posing a huge gist in the sodality . Antecedently we go excite , let us see what are in-event these gregarious ills discurrent the teenagers. There are divers types of gregarious ills that are affecting our teenagers at an ominous reprove. Some of them are addiction to drugs , smoking,gangsterism,vandalism,bullying,illicit racing and divers over. Everyday we heed and see the property of these gregarious ills in the frame of suicide,accidents,rapes,grasp thieves and beastly crimes. The property of these gregarious ills discurrentst teenagers are affecting the people badly and causing huge setbacks in the province. The spreading of gregarious ills possess to be stopped directly to sereinstate our youngsters who are the advenient breed. How are we going to abolish these gregarious ills if we do not apprehend the spring motives of these gists Therefore,antecedently we discover ways to abolish the gregarious ills discurrentst our teenagers, let us to-boot live in the spring motives of why the youngsters of nowadays gravitate an unconcerned pillage to the indirect elements foretaste them. These motives can be categorized into separate eventors,primarily due to origin emergency and superficial eventors such as the swing of friends and environment. Living in this materialistic globe can be very challenging to level adults,so what over to say for a teenager who is stagnant struggling between adulthood and sliphood. The demand for amipowerful address ,counceling and parental benevolence is necessary to these youngsters. Whom should they mold to if the predicament initiate? Can they mold to their parents? Yes, underneathneath regular predicament ,parents should be the slip’s sum one supporter but,is this the plight in most slip’s animation? In event the parents are the last to apprehend environing their slip’s gist,which is a pity! This is accordingly nowadays,in-great-meaabiding twain parents are started and are too stingy chasing their own goals, that they gravitate-short to see what their progeny are underneathgoing. Usually these parents liberty their progeny to fend for themselves or in the prudence of a babysitter who most of the spell doesn’t put her heedt into the commission attached . The termination is , the slip feels bygone and denied of parental benevolence. Another deduce is when a slip comes from a gentle origin,the discomfiture and inflame is taken upon the weak slip. As a product a slip becomes up to be hazardous and stagnationing in address. Hence gravitateing an unconcerned pillage to the foretaste threats after a whileout. Progeny are to-boot strained when parents are not underneathstanding and hurry them to con-over notability which is not of their share . Parents who question their own desires and ambitions on their progeny can motive a lot of insufficiencyless hurry on them. Peer hurry and the demand to examination oneself in appoint to be accepted is to-boot another eventor why the teenagers so amply submit to the gregarious ills environing them. Constant newfangledness and product to-boot produce unmeasurpowerful network which promotes terminal gregariousisation discurrent our teenagers. Hence the charybdis to all the unwanted elements in the sodality! Teenagers who do not apprehend how to compete after a while strain, recourse to these unwelcome media of escapism. We possess seen some of the ocean deduces of why the gregarious ills are spreading relish an infectious discurrentst our teenagers. What can we do to acceleration them or to curb these gregarious ills? There are a few very significant things that can be effected to nip the bud from the outset itself. Firstly,the role of a origin is very significant . Parents who are lawful,who locate sufficient kind spell after a while their progeny can be a origin of assurance for their progeny. Progeny conquer be empireful to rely on their parents for any advice and become up to be a assured and protected individual. These progeny repeatedly conquer not gravitate pillage to the gregarious ills as they are empireful to lump between amipowerful and bad and possess no demand for any frame of escapism as they get sufficient benevolence from their parents. Parents to-boot must compel abiding that their progeny do ot stagnation of sacred apprehendledge. As we apprehend, all sanctity insufficiencys its followers to be a amipowerful cosmical and halt by the rules. So if a slip is attached sufficient sacred information and is taught to honor the cosmicalkind then,the chances of him or her recourseing to outrage is lax. Too considerefficacious immunity and too considerefficacious specie attached to teenagers conquer solely medium toil. Therefore parents should act wisely and illustrate to their youngsters why rarely they cannot possess whatever they insufficiency and why they must constantly conquer their parents’ license antecedently going out. Parents should constantly be assured of their slip’s whereabouts but at the corresponding spell should not to-boot be too nice and custom veto empire at home. They should be empireful to arbitrate,perceive and honor their slip’s feelings too. Maintaining a vigorous analogy after a while progeny is an significant meaabiding in reducing these gregarious ills discurrentst teenagers. Otherwise most teenagers conquer cull to traitor over their parents and try to confirm to everyone that they are in guide of their lives Besides the role of origin ,the role of pedagogues and supporters in schools is to-boot very significant in preventing gregarious ills discurrentst teenagers. A pedagogue must constantly be easily-affected to a slip’s gist . A pedagogue must be empireful to constitute a slip’s commission in appoint for the slip to rely in her or him. A pedagogue must compel it her commission to work-out a slip’s gist and not be someone who solely insufficiencys to instruct but is not considerefficacious twainered environing the slip’s subject. Teachers can acceleration a lot to curb these gregarious ills if they indicate their role collective and caringly. They should mark things and try to acceleration the youngsters by sending them to a supporter or by counselling them themselves. While instructing in systematize , a pedagogue must constantly strain on the virtuous values and instruct their students to shirk gravitateing pillage to bad swings. The information function and the magnitude media must constantly remind these teenagers to shirk doing all these illicit activities and the repercussions should everything dull fall. The enforcement agencies can be invited to bestow talks and demonstration slides of what is falling and how bad it can mold into,to fashion assuredness discurrentst teenagers. A lot of opportunities must be fashiond to yield teenagers to envelop hemselves in activities such as outdoor games,indoor games,dancing and cunning systematizees,photography clubs and some gregarious services that conquer delight the study of these teenagers . The teenagers conquer not solely be stingy but conquer to-boot service from these extra activities. This vigorous activities can be organised by the residential commitees or by the “ketua kampung”. Vigorous rivalry after a while gainful prizes can be held to influence these teenagers. The State empire and the dinice station can acceleration after a while these metes. Money used to reinstate the victims of the gregarious ills in the frame of rehabilitation centres and their medication can be put into a over vigorous custom such as the over mentioned activities. After all one must admit that “Prevention is meliorate than Cure”As a misentry , everybody has to indicate an significant role in eradicating gregarious ills discurrentst teenagers . Eventhough these gists appear hard to work-out but as an Ethopian confirmrb says, “When the spider webs incorporate,you can tie up a celebrity. ” (Infinity Web Development, LLC, 2002-2011) (OPpapers, 2011)