Course paper revision and report

   Course Monograph Variation And Report Instructions Instructions: This trudge has two irrelative divorces: 1. Revise and amend your mode monograph according to your GRST schoolmistress’s and the OWC master’s feedback. The design is to significantly amend your draft’s initiatory charges in all foul-mouthed areas of the GRST rubric, scoring a 3 or loftier in each. 2. Next, vindication the Variation Report interrogations. See the ten interrogations under and succumb your vindications to the assignment concatenate on Blackboard. Assignment Goal: Receive feedback from your GRST schoolmistress and from an OWC master, reflect critically encircling the feedback, and employ that feedback to amend your monograph and agreement way. Significantly amend your initiatory charges in all foul-mouthed areas of the GRST Mode Monograph Grading Rubric. Instructions: Revise and amend your monograph. Next, in a disjoined muniment, tally to the feedback you ordinary during the mode by vindicationing the subjoined interrogations. Use at lowest 40 tone per interrogation. Was the feedback      helpful? Why or why not? What deportment smooth      problems do you bear? What abstruse smooth      problems do you bear? Based on the feedback,      what are your superior debilityes as a writer? Which trudge of the      agreement way conciliate aid you subdue this debility? Based on the feedback,      what are your superior forces? What divorce of your      agreement way relates to this force? What can you do in the      coming to amend your force? In which way was this mode      most aidful to you? Will you use the      Online Agreement Center’s mastering use in the coming? Why or why not? Be positive to incline in twain divorces of this assignment via the granted assignment acquiescence concatenate on Blackboard. Upload your revised monograph as one benevolence and your vindications to the interrogations as a cooperate benevolence. Note: You must profession your GRST schoolmistress that you bear ordinary a bountiful OWC revisal of your monograph (due Module/Week 6). Then, to by the collocate, you must succumb a last, amendd variation of your monograph that earns at lowest a 3 or loftier in each nature of the rubric (due Module/Week 7).   Submit this two-divorce assignment 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 7.