Computer science

 Topic:   Relate The Courses To My Job Duties Bachelors Degrees: Computer Programming and axioms structures Computer programming lab Computer Organization  Operating Systems  COMPUTER Networks  Masters : Network Security Fundamentals  System Analysis and Simulations Business Intelligence and CRM Responsibilities: · Developed and done an automated scripts and fashion works using Java. · Implemented Automation arrangement for Web services standard cases using SOAPUI and Jenkins.  · Developed BDD standards using Cucumber by answerableness behaviors and tramp definitions using IntelliJ. · Used Jenkins for dark institute deed and sending status mail if institute fails to QA team. · Compared and written scripts in axiomsbase from one environments to other. · Maintain and vulgar SQL scripts using MySQL Workbench as a instrument of performing axioms validation  · Performed of spinning up the servers in AWS encourage and Oracle Cloud. · Identify, course, and manipulate scheme bugs using the effect courseing dupe JIRA  and Zepher. · Work delay off-shore and in-house Java and outgrowth teams  · Develop standard temporization, standard cases and standard suites domiciled on wireframes and defined scheme requirements. · Performed browser compatibility standarding (Firefox, Chrome, Safari) of a web domiciled impression to fix that functionality works smooth. · Perform integration, scheme, return standarding using automated standarding dupes. Providing estimates for planning, outgrowth and deed of automated standard cases. · worked air-tight delay outgrowth and fruit owners team. · Identify, course, and manipulate scheme bugs using the effect courseing dupe JIRA  and Zepher. · Use Confluence to treasury software QA documents and faster message incompact the team · Enhanced Standard cases using Java programming features and TestNG Annotations. · Deed of Selenium Standard cases and Reporting defects.