ArtSharks: A Feasibility Study

Online shopping has supposing internet users delay lenientdom, affordability and unimaginoperative adit to diverse choices of products. As crave as a buyer has a faith card, buying aggravate the internet is regular a substance of clicks. Due to the exotericity of online shopping, a lot of brick and mortar domiciled sharees accept instituted to know-aframe the consequence of substantial nearness. Online nearness is besides an custom for a lot of sharees. Not simply is it cheaper than having a brick and mortar shop, it can besides be a venue to inimagine and advance your share delayout having to go through a lot of exertion and specie. Due to the nearness of divers online auction and buy and hawk websites, plain teenagers are operative to obtain specie online. However, hawking artworks aggravate the internet is another narrative. According to an online article, “Selling artworks on the internet is an art imagine in itself. Plain delay the mound exotericity of online shopping, substantial art vendors accept to get poetical to frame the reliance of the customers” (Bair 2007). The trade can besides be considered a niche which makes it past challenging for online galleries to be operative to incline customers and hawkers resembling. This dissertation earn endeavor to detail the feasibility of an online art sympathy website where class can adadappend forums, do political networking, buy and hawk artworks aggravate the internet. A criticism of literary-works was manufactured in appoint to get an proposal of this trade and to follow up delay the best models in aditing the feasibility of the share. Results of the dissection earn be discussed to set-lenient moments and questions posed by this share proposal. Objectives Delay all share proposals, a compute of uncertainties regularly inaugurate and these questions want to be chosen. This dissertation endeavors to acquitted out the subjoined uncertainties: What is the trade claim for political networking sites? What is the trade magnitude and trade line of class who use such political networking sites? How exoteric is hawking and buying in the internet? How can these be leveraged by the website ArtSharks? What are the wants of the exoteric customers in this activity? How can these be leveraged by ArtSharks? How can the competitive view of the ArtSharks website be picturesque? What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the share? How financially vioperative is the share? Methodology This con-balance analyzes the feasibility of ArtSharks by looking at the trade claim for this image of websites and its financial viability. Trade claim is detaild through Michael Porter’s Five Forces and through SWOT Analysis. This earn succor the share in intelligence the activity that it earn be entering and at the similar spell, leveraging on its strengths and availoperative opportunities conjuncture turning its weaknesses and threats into opportunities for amendment. Financial viability earn be measured through divergent financial models including Revenue Model, Gross Margin Model, Working Capital Model and Investment Model. All these models earn detail the financial established of the sodality from input to output. Criticism of Kindred Literary-works Promoting and Selling Artworks There are a compute of ways for buyers to obtain artworks – thru the internet and thru stocks or galleries. Artists may opt to rouse from a persomal art stock and exhibit a acquisition dispense delay the possessor. They may besides similarity artfruit dispenseers and galleries who are operative to advance an artwork. Another non-interference is uploading your artworks online and advertising in online art galleries. There’s besides the flea trade, sympathy churches and schools which halt art fairs entirety year (wikiHow 2009). When hawking artworks aggravate the internet, Popkin (2008) believes that eBay is calm?} the best establish to hawk them. The debate for this is that there are closely 95 darling users in eBay spending a entirety of approximately US$894 per cooperate. Each day, eBay gets past than 10 darling bids and past than 100,000 new class register. About 2 darling new singles are posted entiretyday, as courteous. Popkin (2008) believes that art buyers can elect to go to online art galleries specializing in the hawking of artworks but eBay exhibits a catholic compute of online buyers who do not aspire artworks but may befollow persuaded to buy. However, there are besides divergent online art sympathy websites availoperative in the internet to subsubserve this niche trade. These websites are entity used by divergent fruitmans to showcase their paintings, photographs, sculptures and installation arts. One such website is Artp Contemporary Art. The website boasts of its 2,900 fruitmans, artisans, art photographers and other art sites which other class may browse to see their fruits. The gallery houses paintings, portraitures, ceramics, sculptures, glass arts, inchoate others, which are manufactured by diverse fruitmans. Artp began in 1999 delay a sidearm to “subserve the visual arts sympathy: twain contemporary fruitmans to imagine and consumers looking to acquisition primordial contemporary art, contemporary art prints, art photography, and past” (Artp Contemporary Art 2009). It exotericly exhibits fruitmans delay low-cost, lenient-to-update, well-behaved-formed and abundantly customizoperative art website templates. The unmeasured indication website load ranges from US$13. 95 to US$19. 95 per month which includes hosting. It promises exalted capacity commerce past it has been interjacent in top inquiry engine rankings. It is entity ranked manageing whenever “contemporary art” is imaged in Yahoo and Google. Currently, it experiments 171,000 visitors per month and aggravate 6 darling hits. On the other end, the customers are entity supposing delay a inquiryoperative database where they can input the keywords of the single that they are looking for. They can browse by fruitmans, category/genre or by district. Everyone, fruitmans or consumers resembling, may besides adadappend in the discussions in the forum and click on links that earn manage to other kindred websites. Innovation of the website is manufactured by getting new art categories or genres to boost the share of the members and visitors. In 2008, their gathering interjacent Printmaking, Metal Arts, Wood Arts, Art in New York, Black and White Photography, Mosaics, inchoate others. Another such website is Art Gallery Worldwide. This website showcases diverse artworks categorized by title, resources and themes. For the contentment of navigation of visitors, the homepage already shows the most visited gallery entrances: primordial art, formless art, view art, fantasy art and oil painting, as courteous as the figure ranges of the artworks. In each gallery entrance, a indicationd artfruit and a indicationd fruitman is besides shown. Art Gallery Worldwide began in 2003 in Delaware, United States and operated by teams domiciled in the US and Europe. The website accepts fellowship twain from single fruitmans and galleries delay divergent fruitmans. An single fruitman pays at smallest US$24 to be operative to upload 50 artworks delayin 6 months. There is besides a 14-day lenient criterion for those who would affect to try out the plan manageing. Each fruitmans’ website contains a line of the fruitmans and a pcriticism of the album of artworks. For a gallery to be operative to upload its fruitmans’ fruit on the website, a uplift fee of US$300 and a monthly fee of US$69 for 300 artworks are required. The fruitmans and galleries earn be operative to mentor commerce and get visitor statistics on their websites. An art forum and foundation forum are besides adapted. Similar delay Arp, it promises single fruitmans and art galleries exaltedest internet commerce. Its rare indications are the representationright guard benefit and deprivation guard-scam guardian. Deprivation guard-scam guardian succors the fruitmans or the galleries in spotting a suspiscious buyer. It is operative to “find a genuine dregs, know-agains hiding techniques, checks blacklists and scrutinizes a comportment of the buyer” (Art Gallery – Worldwide 2009). However, there are besides some moments twain on the keep-akeep-apart of the buyer and the hawker. One moment of hawkers is that artworks befollow lenient to representation when they are posted in the internet. Concerns of the buyers, on the other index, are hinged on faith card or other reimbursement securities. Jonas Hair, a web-domiciled art gallery possessor, besides said that “most class, in my exploration, that buy art affect to see it, impress it, feel it and experiment it anteriorly they put it” (Bair 2007). He besides raise cited when hawking artworks personally, the kind of tradeing and promoting an fruitman’s headstrong is most considerable than how bulky the artfruit is. However, when it follows to hawking an artfruit aggravate the internet, the imagineer accordingly past considerable than the death.