Adding on-page recommendations to your SEO audit ( Due January 25, 2019 6pm est)

Kosk  & Company is a consulting secure that works delay several companies  and businesses that scarcity Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services   On- Page Optimization Recommendations  Keyword Recommendations: What are the tangible keyword  challenges and opportunities? Does the floating keyword targeting  strategy evince an intellect of user fixed? Explain why or why  not. Based on your inquiry, are there additional keywords you would  recommend targeting (either greatly competitive or focused on the  long-tail)?  Why? HTML Elements: Look at your client's Meta Data, Title  Tags, Heading Summary, Image Summary. Are they being leveraged  appropriately? What are they doing well-mannered, and where could they use some  improvements? Provide an in of how a page should behold delay  optimized Meta Data, Title Tags, Heading Summary and Image Summary. Interior Page Pleased Analysis - Provide an in-depth  review of a page on the site other than the abode page. depending on  depth and capacity of pleased. Are they using keywords unexceptionably in  the pleased? (ie is there any token of keyword stuffing? or are  they not leveraging keywords in the pleased? Are they leveraging  appropriate anchor citation for links? Is the pleased unembarrassed and built  around themes to help delay "readability" of crawlers? Provide a  pleased re-write to evince how your client ability improve be efficacious to  improve their SEO on this biased page.  Page Length: 2-3 pages in APA format SEE ATTACHMENT FOR COMPANY AND INTRO: