Greek and Roman Architecture

Running Head: Greek and Roman Edifice Greek and Roman Edifice By: Michelle Garrotters Art 101 November 2nd, 2008 Head: Greek and Roman Edifice Compare the characteristics and newfangledness of each Greek and Roman Architecture. The Greek and Roman edifice is very solemn for not barely their date but as-well in our date today. The Greek edifice uses the columns in closely all of their temples. The shapes of the columns were majesticly relevant to the Greeks. They used three unanalogous types of columns. The "Doric", "Ionic", and the "Corinthian". All of these columns own a benevolence member that would be for displaying their Greek God(s) delay what constantly ornaments. The Temple of Olympian Zeus is an specimen of "Corinthian" columns. The Temple of Poseidon is an specimen of "Doric" columns, and Athens is an specimen of "Ionic" columns. The Greeks usually built delay either mud, forest, palliate, and/or stone. Most of their edifices own not resplendent the examination of date. Barely temples made delay marble or limestone these were built as objects of art honoring their unanalogous gods. These own been talented to delaystand the detriment that date brings. The Roman edifice used chiefly arches in their works. Which held past burden than the columns. Yes they used columns but barely as valuable owing of the burden. The Pantheon in Rome is a majestic specimen of this edifice. This edifice compact two kings and is one of the biggest forthcoming edifice in Rome. Romans used the selfselfsame materials as the Greeks chiefly the Marble and Limestone. But they perfected the use of indurated, which is what most of their structures are made delay. Most of the Romans edifices that are stagnant preserved today are amphitheaters, bathhouses, aqueducts, and national housing. Unlike the Greeks the Romans did their edifices delay lots of decorated on twain after a whilein and beyond cogitation the "Pursuit of Pleasure" which is an accidental part-among-among of the Roman culture. In tabulation, Greek edifice is past point-blank and of "post and lintel" interpretation. Greek edifices usually point-blank, consisted off pediment cheered by columns on a plinth for a shameful. Romans mastered the arch and the dome. Indurated made it likely to own past complicated forms. Columns were used in twain delay the Greek harmonious the Doric and Ionic for the cleaner lines. While the Romans preferred to use the past decorated Corinthian diction columns.