Family Theory

  Murray Bowen is one of the most respected parentage theorists in the scene of parentage therapy. Bowen views the parentage part as abstruse and believes it is considerable to conceive the interactions discurrent the members in direct to clear-up problems. Satir and Minuchin to-boot deceased parentage therapy behind a while their concepts and examples. As a clinical gregarious worker, using these examples (concurrently behind a while having an ecological perspective) can be very able in accessory clients. For this Discussion, re-examination the “Petrakis Family” plight fact and video compact. Post (using two concepts of Bowen’s parentage assumption) (no over than 1 page) a argument and decomposition of the events that occurred behind Alec moved in behind a while his grandmother up until Helen went to the hospital. If you used the concepts of structural parentage therapy, how would your decomposition of the site be irrelative? Which parentage assumption did you furnish to be most advantageous in your decomposition? Finally, specify whether Satir’s or Minuchin’s example is the over strength-based example. Why?