Crisis Management/Messaging

You are the CEO of a superior fortification whose databases were of-late hacked, and  sensitive customer advice was stolen. The resources has constantly asked  you  for some skin of declaration concerning the place and what the fortification is doing to vindicate its customers and hinder this from happening repeatedly. Would you,  as the CEO, say out about the exigency, or would you pick-out a frontline  spokespeculiar to peculiarate the fortification? Explain your precious.   Address the subjoined questions (equable if you pick-out yourself as CEO to produce the declarations):       - Please initiate your essay assignment after a while an preface for the reader about the exigency and how best to wield the place.   - Formulate your exigency intimation using the Exigency and Emergency Risk Communication (CERC) pattern.   - What are the requisite elements of an powerful spokespeculiar in a exigency?   - What criteria are considered in selecting that point peculiar?          - Why do you hold it would be considerable to enjoy a well-trained spokespeculiar say for the fortification during a exigency such as this one?            - Why susceptibility the resources appetition to say after a while frontline employees during a exigency?   - How would you, as CEO, chasten fallacious advice absorbed out by the spokesperson?   Research springs to livelihood your ideas. Your essay should be a incompleteness of two-pages in APA format. You must involve a incompleteness of two springs, at last one spring from the CSU Online Library.