Assignment on Research Proposal Funds Seeking,RFP and FOA

 Research scheme give, Funding seeking expertnesss, Request for schemes (RFPs) and funding occasion announcements( FOA). Please see the atached WORD DOC delay all INSTRCUTIONS, LEARNING MATERIAL AND all you need for this Assignment. Here is what the Assignm. requests:    Assignment Paper: 2–3 pages: For this week’s Assignment, deem your Final Project (Obesity in verdant ADULTS in West Viginia)   and the possibility of useing for a give to appliance your interposition or con-over. Explain how you would use the expertnesss and enlightenment gained in this career to the give match manner. What strategies would you use when submitting an RFP and an FOA? Be local and arrange an sample of how you would use at last one expertness you accept skilled and at last one sample of enlightenment gained from the career.  I accept fast 4 weak adobe files on Grans and Presenting Research results, these are PART OF LEARNING RESOURCES as well-mannered, along delay 2 websites abandoned in the account doc. inferior RESOURCES. My PROPOSAL topic: addressing fleshiness in verdant ADULTS in West Virginia by applianceing a 12 weeks Interposition that teaches the adults delay BMI>25 enrolled in my program the following: order embodied environing Weigh and BMI, medical implications of Overweight and Obesity, robust salutiferous nourishment and periodical corporeal essential-quality. THIS is my scheme. YOU HAVE to CONTINUE IT by useing for a GRANT to appliance my Proposal