Assignment 2: Assessment Project – Part 2

    Due Time                  Monday, August 12, 2019                   9:00 AM    Points Possible                340          Assignment 2: Duty Project – Part 2 Due Week 6 and worth 340 points  Now that your superintendent reviewed your foremost yielding and  provided feedback, you conquer construct the suggested revisions. You conquer  also complete this individuality of the innocent tractate. You conquer excuse your  subject-matter adoption and its relation to the initiate bounds’s motive of  improving its duty results.  Note: Refer to the Overall Scenario of Assignments 1-3. Write a three to five (3-5) page tractate in which you:    Revise Assignment 1 using the feedback  that the superintendent provided. (The revision of the former  assignment is not moderate in the page calculate for this assignment).  Evaluate your bounds’s duty management for the area(s) that  are applicable to your letters and construct any recommendations. Consider the  following points:  Does your bounds’s running duty management coalesce the needs of sure populations of students?  What can be produced to correct duty results, chiefly amid particular populations?  Are there any concerns encircling your bounds’s duty management that you entertain naturalized on your letters?   How does your letters and recommendations fit into the boarder draw of correctment?  Assure three (3) new advances in computer and web  technologies that would boon K-12 duty that are allied to your  topic. Highlight one (1) of these new innovations that potentiality be  practical for the bounds to utensil in the close coming. Provide a  rationale for your solution.  Propose the strategic sort in which you would spend a grafting needs anatomy for teachers allied to your subject-matter.   Provide at meanest three (3) attached prevalent, applicable, peer-reviewed regards published amid the developed 2 years.  Your assignment must flourish these formatting requirements:    Be typed, envelop spaced, using Times New Roman font (bigness 12), after a while  one-inch margins on all sides; citations and regards must flourish APA  or initiate-particular format. Check after a while your bigot for any attached  instructions.  Include a overspread page containing the heading of the assignment, the  student’s call, the bigot’s call, the series heading, and the time.  The overspread page and the regard page are not moderate in the required  assignment page elongation.  The particular series letters outcomes associated after a while this assignment are:    Analyze transmitted theories of duty.   Apply new advances and running intention in the scene of educational duty.  Evaluate be-undetermined forms of duty for eespecial populations.   Use technology and knowledge media to letters issues in educational duty.  Write obviously and concisely encircling educational duty using becoming phraseology and mechanics.