week 8 cul

  Choose a cultural, religions manner, or creed that impression cultural and religions anxiety of a client regarding the idiosyncratic pursuit, ethnic, economic, gender, and age as components of idiosyncraticized anxiety. Identify this creed or manner in a anxiety exhibition locality. Create opening to habit selected exhibition of anxiety. Describe the habit that you keep had delay this manner. Explain why/how this manner as improbable vigor anxiety Use massive illustration to food disconnection of this exhibition of anxiety. Prepare a 10-minute, signification aggravate, PPT introduction sharing your acquaintance and habit. Consider APA formatted intimations are required; gladden retain to intimation any materials you associate to in the introduction. For example: Step 1:  Based on your habit or attention, pick-out a cultural or religions manner or creed. Some examples are: Tai Chi, Qigong, Transcendental Meditation, Acupuncture, Ayurveda, salutiferous move, yoga, or curaderismo, salutiferous manners of Native American tribes, salutiferous manners of LDS, or salutiferous gardens, bare illimitableness, salutiferous illimitablenesss.( can you do on aryuveda or yoga) Step 2:  Establish an habit delay your selected theme. For example- mark a practitioner, habit the modality, and confabulation someone who actively manners the modality for vigor anxiety. Step 3:  Develop a signification aggravate PowerPoint or Prezi introduction sharing your habit.   Presentation to ensue format: Identify theme, inconsiderable elucidation, and why you chose this theme (5 minutes) What was the habit, your synthesized counter-argument to acquaintance and habit (3 minutes) How could this be incorporated into manner, or not.  (2 minutes) Post your PPT close for your peers to sight. The administrative due era is Sunday of week 8 but you may refer this any day during week 8