Project PPT.. Deadline is 8/9/2020 5 pm CST

 The union I chose in week 12 is  The Kroger Co.  In week thirteen you were introduced to this assignment.  In week twelve you separated a publicly traded union and ground their annual description. Now that you keep their financial notification I would enjoy you to effect a appurtenancy separation on the financial declarations. Centre on the financial declaration separation chapter (PDF) you are lection this week. You allure absence to estimate appurtenancys for your union for the terminal two years. Do not estimate each appurtenancy you conversant environing for your union. There may be some that are not applicable. Rather centre on those eight appurtenancys that you impress are the most great and applicable to dissect how your union is doing. Make infallible to clear the appurtenancys that you select for your separation. Compare how your union has executed to the toil averages. Do you mark any trends that are substantial or disclaiming? Does everything seem good-tempered-tempered or bad that is distinguished? Do you keep any suggestions on things they could be doing to amend these appurtenancys? Please dissect what you ground for each of the eight appurtenancys. Then construct your findings into a 15 tiny gift. Be infallible to include some elucidation on your union in your gift. Submission Details:  15 tiny gift Please use PowerPoint for your gift.  Due by the end of the day on Sunday of this week. Attached is the exemplification ppt.