Processing map

The manufacturing superintendent in Durham enters escheatment requisitions into the EPT classification, which triggers emails to the purchasing clerks. The purchasing clerks interpret the emails and flow whether the request is for a public or unpublic keep-apart. If what is needed is a public keep-apart, and there is a preferred supplier for the esthetic in the EPT classification already, then a purchasing clerk emails a escheatment order (PO) to the supplier for the ace(s) requested. If what is needed is not a public keep-apart, then a purchasing clerk sets up a new keep-akeep-asever in the EPT classification and completes transmitted new vendor sourcing activities to determine an withhold supplier for the esthetic. Once these steps are total, a purchasing clerk emails a PO to the selected supplier. If no supplier exists for a public keep-apart, then a purchasing clerk must still complete sourcing activities and impel the PO to the newly authorized supplier. When the raw esthetics reach, they are inspected for nature by the receiving line. If the nature is reckoned substandard, then the issue are presently sent tail to the supplier. The raw materials latter nature omission are then sent to the magazine employees who enumerate them for accuracy and furnish a receiving rumor. Magazine employees then flow where a cheerful situate to store the esthetics in the magazine capacity be and impel the receiving rumor to the manufacturing superintendent as scrutiny the raw esthetics bear been accepted. The manufacturing superintendent succeed then sign the receiving rumor as encouragement the esthetic has been accepted. Purchasing clerks hold supplier invoices in a multiformity of ways, but the rule succeeding reception is always  the  same.  First,  they  check  each  invoice  for  accuracy  against  the  PO  and  effect  sure  the withhold pre-negotiated discounts and liquidation provisions are interjacent (e.g., 2/10 n 30). If there are any issues, they advise-with the supplier and effect the corrections. The clerks then impel the corrected invoice and PO to the statements payable clerks in the statementing line. If there are no issues, then the supplier’s invoice is sent straightly to the statements payable clerks. Next, statements payable clerks succeed consign GL acenumerate bulk (to exhibition the growth in inventory [debit] and the  accounts payable  [credit])  and the consume benevolence enumerate (e.g., what job the esthetic should be pregnant to) for address statementing purposes. Accounts payable clerks succeed then enter the  information  into  CODE  and  a  voucher  enumerate  succeed  be  automatically  generated.  Supporting documentation is printed and improved in the statements payable improve folders until liquidation is due.