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QUESTION 1 How do our methods for dating and interpreting artifacts impression our construction of fact and Western cultivation? What are some examples of these methods? Your rejoinder should be at lowest 75 control in tediousness. QUESTION 2 Draw a disposal encircling how Egyptian humanization and origin duration in the determination of 3000 BC to 1000 BC collated to other cultivations emerging in the Middle East. In your rejoinder, enclose the challenges Egyptian intercourse faced.   rejoinder should be at lowest 300 control in tediousness. -- Font origin --Andale MonoArialArial BlackBook AntiquaComic Sans MSCourier NewGeorgiaHelveticaImpactSymbolTahomaTerminalTimes New RomanTrebuchet MSVerdanaWebdingsWingdings-- Font extent --1 (8pt)2 (10pt)3 (12pt)4 (14pt)5 (18pt)6 (24pt)7 (36pt) -- Format --HeadingSub Heading 1Sub Heading 2ParagraphFormatted Code-- Font origin ---- Font extent -- QUESTION 3 What were the consequences of the Code of Hammurabi for immemorial intercourse, and how does this arrangement of right collate to new American laws? To illustrate your apex, inhale on counsel encircling how the Code of Hammurabi emerged, the overall subject, and what you see as some of the past affecting statutes listed.  rejoinder should be at lowest 300 control in tediousness.