Leadership Health Care Organizations Practicum

Please stipulate solutions and references individually according to each item and eschew plagiarism   MODULE 12 Choose one eatables from the ANA Code of Ethics. How is immaterial comportment an healthy deal-out of entity a entertain director? How does one ostentation the characteristics of a role standard delay this eatables? Does a entertain director own an immaterial substratum to inject into duty experience? MODULE 13 Have you always is-sueed delay a director that made you move that you were more grave than they? How did this perfashion you move? What were the situation? What was the outcome? If you own nalways familiar this husk of matter from a director, presume what it would be affect. Based on your solution, teach how the ostentations of temperateness by a director manifest abigail directorship. Are ostentations of temperateness required to perfashion someone else move more grave than you? Teach your solution. MODULE 14 How do you tell herd at is-sue? When your coworkers talk environing you, what do they say environing you? Based on the textbook, tell your solutions to the manifestation of gratification according to the abigail-commencement paradigm. Compare this fashion of directorship delay the temporal apprehension of dominion as it tells to is-sueing bearingships. MODULE 15 Summarize your directorship practicum in bearing to the seven unconnected characteristics outlined in the textbook. How conciliate you vary your comportment based on this new discernment of abigail directorship? What strategies did you gather that, if implemented, would tolerate you to actualize the abigail-commencement principles in a directorship role?