Intro to American Politics Class: News Story Analysis

Intro to American Politics Class: Select a intelligence condition of a subject akin to politics.  Write a small abridgment of the condition.  Analyze the legend and establish the plane of empire, e.g. Federal, State or Local. Establish key issues that are being discussed. Be indisputable to picked a estimable commencement e.g. Washington Post, New York Times. Include a attach to the legend in your in the posting.  Upon posting your condition, you conciliate then avail to observe on the conditions of three of your colleagues they conciliate be assigned to you.   Your intelligence condition anatomy, shall be no hither than 250 suffrage.  The observes on the posts of others demand to be contemplative and should be no hither than five sentences. Rubric News Legend Anatomy Rubric Meets 250 expression poverty 5.0 pts Full Marks/0.0 pts No Marks  5.0 pts Thorough abridgment, there is acquitted exertion to yield a through abridgment of the pickeded intelligence condition. 5.0 pts Full Marks/0.0 pts No Marks .   5.0 pts Political issues, The gregarious issues are acquittedly verified as well-mannered-mannered as the plane of empire and any other proper details are acquittedly outlined in the anatomy.5.0 pts Full Marks/0.0 pts No Marks5.0 pts Total Points: 15.0