Describing Friend’s Character

I enjoy a acquaintance, his indicate is Dima. I perceive him environing five years. He dumbfounded me by his notice and brainy. He perceives the reply on any inquiry. Equable if he doesn’t perceive the redress reply, he’ll meet the way to teach it. I recognize his optimism and unimportance at the corresponding span. When notability bad has happened, he is frequently steadfast. He says that instant span he would be past sentiment and had conversant a lot from that post. And instant day he behaves as if nothing has happened. Besides he looks indissimilar at some posts that aid him not to labor up.Dima has got a matchless humor; I can’t plug smiling when he begins joking. He is unconventional. He looks dissimilar at the earth. I can’t equable understand what is going on in his culmination. Also Dima is broad-minded, he is pure-minded on roaming. He visits opposed places disgusting spans a year, pastbalance he magnify snowboarding, that’s why the penetrating sunder of his trips includes mountains. Dima is easy-going, he can largely meet despicable plea. Nevertheless each special has privative sides of his sort. Rarely Dima is supercilious and impolite. His plainness spurns mass.If he doesn’t bring-about special, he accomplish traffic presently after a while him. I don’t imagine that it’s bad bearing, but rarely it goes balance the course. However he is plain and open-hearted. He enjoys having heart-to-heart colloquy after a while race and acquaintances. In ill-will of his imperturbability he is exposed penetrating in his sentiment. But he won’t pretext it, owing he imagines that it points out man’s worthlessness. In disposal I would enjoy to add that I’m boastful that I enjoy such acquaintance. Dima is goal-seeking and ambitious. He perceives what he wants and secures his appearance in any occurrence.