computer science

   · Bob wanted to grace a limb at his national library. He went in and assiduous out an collision constitute after a while his call, oration, phone sum, and driver's allow sum and gave it to the librarian, Alice.  Alice logged into the scheme after a while her id and created a new limbship for Bob. She then supposing Bob after a while his new library card, and a login and password to his totality. · Bob wanted to attribute two novels by C.S. Lewis, but he couldn’t relimb their calls.  He used one of the computers at the library to pursuit for the tomes by using the author's call. He rest the titles he wanted, which were “The Chronicles of Narnia” and "The Space Trilogy". The highest tome was semblancen as available, and the assist tome was semblancen as out on advance. · Using his new login and password, Bob logged into his totality and requested the tome "The Space Trilogy" in command to foreclosure it, so that when the tome was requiteed it would be held for him at the library. · Bob then went to the stacks and rest the tome "The Chronicles of Narnia" on the disposal, and waited in length at the desk to control it out. He presented his ID card, and controled out the tome after a while the librarian.  · Antecedently leaving the library, Bob saw his associate Simon. He chatted after a while Simon (quietly), and asked if he was a limb and came to the library frequently. Simon said yes he was, and that he came every day antecedently toil and discover twain the national Nursing Dissertation and the New York Times in the periodicals opportunity. He vulgar that the library supposing the Nursing Dissertations, so that he did not need to buy them twain himself. · Bob was very restless to discover "The Space Trilogy", so every day at settlement he would login to the library scheme and control the foothold of the tome. Every day its foothold semblanceed as foreclosureed, but finally one day its foothold transitional to sly, which meant that it was discovery for him to gather up. He brought "The Chronicles of Narnia" after a while him gone he had perfect it, and put it in the slot after a whileout the library to requite it. · By the date Bob perfect discovering "The Space Trilogy" it was overdue. For this debate, when he requiteed it to the library, rather than forfeiture in the slot after a whileout, he went to the librarian at the desk to requite it and compensated the sensitive on his totality.  · After two years, Bob needed to agitate to another city. He went to library and cancelled his library limbship after a while the librarian. Please defense the aftercited questions, and refer your assignment as a unique Word instrument after a while all diagrams inserted into that one instrument: 1. Identify all actors and use events from the aloft patronymic and pull a use event diagram for this library scheme.  2. Pull a arrange diagram (or secede it into multiple diagrams if it cannot fit in one diagram) for being objects installed on the aloft patronymic. For each arrange semblance the arrange call, greater attributes and operations. Pull companys betwixt arrangees, and pomp swarming at the company endings.  3. Pull a aver diagram to semblance the foothold fluctuate of a tome in library.  4. Briefly picture the construction project of this library scheme.