Art of the 1950s and 1960s Presentation

Choose one of the subjoined topics for a gift: Changing Times: Proto-Pop and The Beats (must comprise either Robert Rauschenberg or Jasper Johns) Andy Warhol and Pop Art (convergence on Warhol OR Warhol and other Pop workmans) Protest Art (You may pick-out to convergence on Civil Rights, the Vietnam War, or twain) Create a 10- to 12-slide gift (including a heading and allusion slide) on your clarified topic that comprises the subjoined: 100- to 250-word debater notes for each of your pleased slides that summarize the main points listed on the slide (you succeed enjoy a insufficiency of 8 to 10 pleased slides which excludes the heading and allusion slides). A title and segregation of foul-mouthed to six artworks connected to your clarified topic (comprise an copy of each artwork). A title of the question of each artwork; what was the question depicted by the workman? An demonstration of how this fashion of art developed; why did workmans pick-out these questions? To what collective or cultural events were workmans responding?  A title of the materials, media, or techniques used by the workmans; why did the workman use these materials or techniques? What is the overall consequence of the artwork? You my use Microsoft® PowerPoint® or another gift dupe. Consider recording your gift delay audio as if you were delivering it to a speed conference. Format your allusions according to alienate order raze APA guidelines. Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.