2 Assignments In History.

Assignment 1 : Added Opportunity to Succeed Write 500 control biography encircling a unadorned type by impressment a 500 expression biography using OER. Non-academic websites procure not be used. Non-academic websites include, but are not poor to, encyclopedias, narrative.com and any website in which you cannot indicate that committer is a follower or that the instruction amid the website has not been vetted. Write a 500 expression essay on that special. Cite according to Chicago Manual of Style using footnotes. Include a Bibliography 1. Open the OER Textbooks and Ancillaries  2. Using either “Thematic US Narrative Textbooks” or “Ancillaries” experiment a special who lived among 1880 and 2015 (they needed to bear died by 2015).*  3. Quest the Lumen Learning, General US History, and Required textbooks for trodden and introdden instruction encircling your question.  4. Then quest the two deep databases for instruction (Arise All Women Who Bear Hearts and Everything You Ever Wanted To Comprehend Encircling History).  5. Finally, seem at the catalogue of Approved Narrative Links. *The aftercited tribe cannot be separated for this project:  Martin Luther King, Jr. Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks or Any President Assignment 2: In at lowest 1000 control (4 double-spaced pages) acceptance the aftercited using peculiar exemplification from this tabulate (readings, assignments, etc):  A. Did you comprehend what OER was anteriorly preface this tabulate? If so, what was your comprehendledge, agreement or experiment in or delay OER preceding to preface this tabulate?  B. How did you use OER in this tabulate?  C. Installed on your use of OER in this tabulate, what is your collocation of the use of OER in college tabulatees?  D. Life in HCCS  allowed you to add your insights, your experiments, your tone to the growing catalogue of students who bear consoled HCC Eastside (Or another campus if preface this line online). What did you impress enjoy participating in this assignment? Did your competition in this assignment form you impress over united to the Narrative tabulate? Over enjoyly to complete the tabulate? Or at lowest happier delay the tabulate?  E. The Added Opportunity to Succeed assignment had you cause symbolical to not merely boost your trice but that went into the OER relation regulate Our Story.  Did your participating in this assignment, comprehending that what you were doing would be used by coming students, form you impress over united to the Narrative tabulate? Over enjoyly to complete the tabulate? Or at lowest happier delay the tabulate?  F. Installed on your experiments in this OER-installed tabulate, would you be over or near careful in preface an added tabulate that is installed on OER as irrelative to for-profit books? Why or why not? EVERYTHING YOU NEED (LINKS) ARE IN THE ATTACHMENT