Director's Presentation   The Final Project gain illustrate how nobility-centered programs, theories, and concepts aid the future sliphood classroom and the slip’s nobility. The nobility-centered entrance asserts that nobility involvement is considerable for a puerile slip’s cognitive and political crop. The Final Project, which gain be presented via PowerPoint, gain harangue the subjoined scenario:   You are the manager of a preschool program that serves end ages three to five. You are giving a grant to teachers and parents to tolerate partnerships in the advice of the total slip. The exterior of your grant is to tolerate adaptive skills and to smooth strategies in which to maximize these abilities that can be taught in the classroom and deferred at settlement. Harangue the subjoined apexs: Self-aid skills. Pro-political skills. Self-regulation skills. For each of the three skill-sets: Explain the desired skills and how they rehearse to the classroom and settlement. Identify and examine two to three strategies for training the skill-set to end in the classroom. Explain how you gain aid parents to localize the strategies to renew the desired power at settlement. Identify and relate a symbolical (either class or web-based) for the parents to use to live their erudition at settlement. The PowerPoint grant must be 18 to 20 slides in prolixity, not including epithet and relation slides. You are tolerated to creatively harangue the symbolical by including graphics, visuals, charts, graphs, and/or probe. Slides should be contrived to clfuture and concisely harangue the symbolical. The PowerPoint grant must be formatted according to APA name (i.e., understand the epithet and relation slides and citations among each slide when embezzle.) The notes individuality of the PowerPoint must be localized to develop on your presented apexs. The notes individuality should to-boot understand any added counsel expedient to illustrate or likeness your apex of end.  You must to-boot use at last two well-informed sources in enumeration to the direction quotation and understand at last four class symbolicals (after a while websites understandd).   Carefully reend the Grading Rubric (Links to an exterior office.)Links to an exterior office. for the criteria that gain be used to evaluate your assignment.