Week 2 4 8 Graded Assignment 400 words each assignment and No Plagiarism

Week 2 Graded Assignment: You are a portion of the Human Resource Department of a medium-sized structure that is implementing a new inhume structureal method that succeed impression employees, customers, and suppliers.  Your superintendent has requested that you fruit after a while the method outgrowth team to constitute a communications artfulness for the design.  He would relish to converge after a while you in two hours to revisal your thoughts on the KEY OBJECTIVES OF THE COMMUNICATIONS PLAN.  What should those objectives be?    Week 4 Graded Assignment: Elon-Musk donated $10 favorite to a base determined the Future of Life Institute.  The invest published an notorious epistle from an important marshal of AI experts who ole for circumspect scrutiny into how benevolence can get the benefits of AI “while avoiding its pitfalls.”  Go online and invent out encircling the invest’s initiatives.  What are its important goals?  How can humans organize and adhere-to circumspect inadvertence of the fruit carried out by robots?  How powerful are Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Stephen Hawking’s concerns?  What other concerns should the social suffer in spirit as the technological cut advances?   Week 8 Graded Assignment: Please upload a assertion to the Week 8 Graded Assignment join letting me comprehend that the School of Business, Economics, and Technology would relish to comprehend how you arrive-at encircling your erudition knowledge in the MSITM program, so if you would, concurrently after a while your mention that you keep completed the scan, please upload a less, tortuous epistle to the Week 8 Graded Assignment join powerful us a few things that you keep scholarly from the MSITM program.