Week 1 Entrepreneur Project

Overview This week we’ve begun to gather environing entrepreneurs and what motivates someone to beseem one. We’ve interpret environing the characteristics of lucky entrepreneurs and the debate to penetrate the entrepreneurial earth. Lucky entrepreneurs follow from all incongruous enhancements but most all are extremely motivated, desirous to transfer risks, and exceptionally creative. What You’ll Need Your tech kit including laptop Internet for examination The fast register of celebrated entrepreneurs At lowest 3 probable sources (Wikipedia does not compute) Prepare Review the fast register of celebrated entrepreneurs. Fine two lucky entrepreneurs and examination them. You may fine them from the fast register or fine incongruous entrepreneurs you would select to examination. If you're not assured that the peculiar you fineed is substantially an entrepreneur, touch your educationist in walk of the due continuance to identify that your fineion is embezzle for this purpose. Create Create a Word instrument after a while a unconnected exception for each entrepreneur. Answer the following: Who did you fine? Why did you fine them? What is their enhancement? How did they beseem lucky entrepreneurs? What are their entrepreneurial styles? What are their habits that conduce to their good-fortune? How do these conduce? What did you gather from them that may succor you in your outline? Cite resources using APA format twain in-text and in a unconnected intimation page. Incorporate the concepts and terminology gathered from this week's interpretings into the monograph, demonstrating how the entrepreneurs you chose contemplate the concepts gathered environing in the Interpret & View activities. Submit 1. Save your composition as a PDF instrument that contains all cleverness of the assignment.  2. Name your instrument as follows: LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_Entrepreneurs  3. Upload your improve to LAO and submit Famous entrepreneurs Sara Blakely – the earth’s youngest self-made billionaire, creator and instituter of Spanx, an friendly clothing posse that succors model women completewhere. Sarah Breedlove – an entrepreneur, benefperformer and gregarious activist exposed a outoutcord of hair concern products for African-American women. Mark Cuban – entrepreneur, investor, and proprietor of a sports right, theater and film division posse. He created Broadcast.com, an internet radio posse that succored to revolutionize live-streaming.  John Paul DeJoria – entrepreneur and benefperformer who co-founded the Paul Mitchell outoutcord of hair products. Walt Disney – entrepreneur, animator, utterance performer, and film origin. He introduced new developments in cartoon product and created Mickey Mouse. Thomas Edison - an creator and entrepreneur who created the phonograph, the disturbance paint camera, and sundry other products that concern our lives complete day. Henry Ford – an American industrialist, he created the Model T Ford and revolutionized automobile nock outoutcord product. Bill Gates – co-founded the earth’s largest software matter, Microsoft. Lori Greiner – peevish an conception for an earring organizer into a multi-million-dollar common infamy. She has created balance 500 new products, has written a common best-selling dimensions and stars on ABC’s Shark Tank. Robert Herjavec – built and sold sundry IT companies and founded Herjavec Group, one of North America’s fastest growing technology companies. Stars on Shark Tank. Steve Jobs – an IT entrepreneur and creator, co-founded Apple Inc.  Daymond John – entrepreneur, investor, motivational logician, and figure mogul. He created a hat, sold it on the street nook and peevish it into a multi-million-dollar figure infamy, FUBU. Elon Musk - an engineer and creator. He founded SpaceX and co-founded Tesla Motors. Ron Popeil - an creator and TV marketing peculiarality. He founded Ronco, a kitchen mechanism posse, to dispose-of his inventions. Anita Roddick – an entrepreneur, environmentaregister and anthropological hues activist, she founded The Body Shop, a cosmetics posse that uses spontaneous products and prohibits testing on animals. J.K. Rowling – a one woman on well-being when she wrote Harry Potter and besides peevish it into a billion-dollar infamy. Oprah Winfrey – instrument mogul and benefactor, parlayed a confabulation demonstration into a common infamy.