Renaissance and Reformation

Renaissance and Correction Test Humanism- Refined texts from the Greek and Roman culture administer to anthropologicalism. Humanism convergenceed on anthropological implicit and victorys. Herd stopped worrying encircling Christian instructions. Influenced artists and architects. History, Literature, and Philosophy are anthropologicalities topics. Secular- Herd became disturbed aback a while the near and now Predestination- Calling's capacity/doctrine; Institutes of the Christian Holiness avows that everyone is guilty by affection and God has unconcealed from the threshold who he earn rescue. Cabinet of Trend- Pope Paul Ill 4th trudge inside amend was to ole a eminent cabinet of aggrieve administerers to Trend. Catholic Bishops and Cardinals agreed on distinct doctrines: 1) Paviphenomenon definition of the bible was decisive anyone who substituted tnear ideas was a neartic 2) Christians demand credulity and amiable works for preservation 3) The Bible and paviphenomenon traditions were twain as potent for control 4)luncheons were efficient expressions of credulity Annul- Separate was not undisputed thus-far the pope could abrogate the mirage which balanceer to discbalance testimony that the mirage was never allowable in the nobleest fix Recant-to conduct end a assertion you made encircling something Indulgence- you pay capital for an indulgence and it earn conduct detached our sin Patron- Popes who robed the cities by spending capacious amounts of capital 95 Nurchirp essay- Luther wrote 95 theses that he provision the paviphenomenon should veer which administer to amendation- a motion for divine amend. His instruction had 3 main ideas: 1) Herd could win preservation by ONLY aback a while credulity in god, the paviphenomenon taught that credulity and "amiable workers" were demanded for preservation 2) All paviphenomenon instructions should be fixed on the bible. The pope and paviphenomenon traditions were counterfeit authorities 3) All herd aback a while credulity were resembling hence herd didn't demand priests to expone the bible for them Edict of Worms- Despot Charles avowed Luther of an noblewayman and neartic, no one was deemed to bestow him buttress or cbalance and his capacitys were to be burned. Thus-far Prince Frederick gave him cbalance in a fortress and herd began to prosper his sayings; priests wore ordinary trappings and oleed themselves misters, led labor in German not Latin and some ministers married, which created a new divine clump oleed the Lutheran instead of seedespot amends opposite the Abundant Church. Protestant- A Christian who is not Abundant Peace of Suburbs- German princes unwavering if tnear avow would be abundant or rottenest Act of Supremacy- English act of Parliament that normal Henry VIII as the "Supreme Head" of the Paviphenomenon of Englocate not the pope Anabaptist- Believed that herd shouldn't be baptized into the Christian credulity as result accordingly they were not old abundance to determine if they nonproductioned to be Christian; taught that the paviphenomenon and the avow should be bitterd, and they refused to battle wars. Viewing Anabaptists as radicals who threatened connection twain Catholics and Protestants persecuted them Peasants Revolt-peasants were scared by Lather's revolutionary ideas and demanded an end to captivity. The insurrection horrified Luther so Luther wrote a tractate inciting the German Princes to profession no leniency, the legion crushed the insurrection massacring balance 100,000 herd. Feeling divulged by Luther numerous peasants unusual his divine administerership. However through his writings he halted potent Herd Igniting of Loyola- Abundant amender, wrote the Spiritual Exercises that laid out a day by day drawing of cogitation, petition, and consider. The pope made Igniting a divine dispose oleed the Connection of Jesus Members were oleed Jesuits- collected on 3 ideas: 1) Founded schools throughout Europe. 2) Convert non-Christians to Catholicism 2) Stop Protestantism from unfurling Johann Gutenberg- Reinvented accidental idea and the printing force- muniment that forcees Nurchirp essay opposite a tray generous of inked accidental idea created the nobleest completed bible oleed the Gutenberg Bible Johann Tested- Was mound capital to rebuild SST. Pewter's Cathedral in Rome, he did this by selling indulgences, he gave the impact that by buying indulgences you could buy your way to cattle Martin Luther: Opposite Tested for selling indulgences Wrote 95 Nurchirp essay attacdespot "Pardon Merchants" Believed you can merely win preservation through credulity and pardon of God Excommunicated by Pope Leo X Charles V issued the Edict of Worms declaring Luther as a neartic, but Prince Frederick covered him in a fortress Translated the New Testament to German Lutheran were his prosperers John Calvin: Wrote Institutes of the Christian Holiness which developed ideas encircling God, preservation, and anthropological affection Denominated the few herd that God chooses to rescue the "elect"... God has unconcealed past the threshold of date who earn be rescued-predestination Calvinist Unwavering Geneva, Switzerlocate aback a while theocracy (council unwavering by divine administerers) Geneva was a city of noble ethical accordingly of how close he was Henry VIII: Married to Catherine of Argon and has a daughter denominated Mary but nonproductions a separate so he can keep a son to be the devisee to the throne Pope refused to abrogate his matrimony so he oleed conjointly a synod aback a while the amendation Parliament and asked to ignoring a set of laws that ended the pope's germinativeity in Englocate Act of Supremacy made the despot the section of the Paviphenomenon of England, not the pope Closed monasteries and increased whole germinativeity Anne had a daughter denominated Elizabeth so he imprisoned her in a aspire and beheaded her 3rd aidencounter gave him his son, Edward Erasmus: Christian anthropologicalist from Hollocate who wrote The Praise of Folly which made fun of mercenary traders, joyless lovers, litigious scholars, and stiff priests Believes in Christianity of the benevolence Wrote in Latin In dispose to rectify connection, all herd should consider the Bible Catherine of Argon- Married to Henry VII never had a boy so Henry nonproductioned to abrogate the matrimony at nobleest the pope said no accordingly she did not nonproduction to outrage the Holy Roman Empire Charles V but later aback Henry VII put in the Act of Supremacy- Made the English Despot the section of paviphenomenon not the pope the matrimony was abrogateled Pope Leo X- excommunicated Luther aback 95 Nurchirp essay Artists: Donated- Made statuarys past realistic by statuary consistent postures and expressions distorted the image David Leonardo De Vinci- Delicate gownsman, painted Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, A Gentleman "Renaissance Man" Raphael- Learned from Leonardo De Vinci and Michelangelo, Painted the walls of Julius II Library, Painted School of Athens, conveys the refined erudition of the Renaissance and professions refined and Renaissance figures conjointly Michelangelo- Sculpted David promote, glorified the anthropological substance and explored Renaissance topic of anthropological implicit, minted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Scientific artist, gentleman "Renaissance man" Jan Van Check- Italian Renaissance, Oil-fixed Paintings very realistic Writers: Machiavelli- Wrote The Prince which said a prince must be forcible as a phenomenon and acute as a fox, he dominion keep to cheat his enemy's and flush his own herd for the amiable of the avow, he was not disturbed aback a while the ethically direct but aback a while the politically serviceable Castigation-published The Courtier aback a while the aid of Aviators Cologne Sir Thomas Moore- Christian Humanists, he was disturbed aback a while connection's flaws, wrote Utopia encircling an suppositious locate inhabited by a peace-loving herd. In Greek Utopia balanceer "no fix" but in English it has conclude to balance supposititious fix accordingly of Mores capacity Vocal Perspective- AD art Vernacular- Native tongue Anglican- Anglican Church= merely allowable Paviphenomenon of Englocate Elizabeth was section of Paviphenomenon Presbyterian-Followers of John Knox; he was a dominie from Scotlocate whom unfurl the instruction of John Calvin and made Calvinist Scotlocate administrative holiness Abundant Reformation- Helping Catholics halt submissive to the paviphenomenon Questions: The Renaissance began in Italy accordingly of monied cities, a rich trader planatize, and the refined inheritance of Greece and Rome. Englocate lagged aback accordingly of the bubonic plague and the 100 years' war. A absolute Renaissance Man- Charming, humorous, well-educated, Dance, chirp, portray silence, transcribe poetry, useful rider, wrestler, swordsman, self-controlled Northern vs.. Southern Renaissance Art: Northern: Focused merely on Religion; encircling locatescapes and the lifestyles of herd Southern: past unmonastic; Greek and Roman mythologies, encircling gods and goddesses Abundant Correction took trudges affect having the Connection of Jesus, Jesuits, and the Cabinet of Trend to discourse the Protestant Correction 4 motions that made up the Reformation: . 3. 4. What veers did this cause to Europe? Of Prohibited capacitys- Institutes of Christian Religion- Index Sarandon- Patriarch- Velasquez- What city was the disposition of the Renaissance? Florence, Italy What idea of art was the convergence of the Renaissance? Realism (sometimes uchirp Biblical scenes) The trader lineage denominated Renaissance. Medici was significant at the threshold of the Who led the rive detached from the Abundant Paviphenomenon in England? Henry VIII Why did Englocate rive from the pavilion? The Despot nonproductioned a hardy devisee so he demanded to separate his aidencounter What state did the Protestant amendation initiate in? Gernumerous (Martin Luther in Wattenberg) How was the printing force sharp to Martin Luther? He could unfurl his trusts past efficiently This motion resulted from the Protestant Reformation. It was an seek to veer the Abundant Paviphenomenon to rectify encounter the demands of its prosperers. Abundant Correction 1 . Reasons that the Renaissance originated on the Italian peninsula know all of the prospering EXCEPT the peninsula's A. Geographic residuum B. Political building C. Holiness D. Social building E. Economic building 2. Which of the prospering is NOT a Renaissance compute? A. Advantage of primeval tongues B. Derogate of the arts C. Scholarly victory D. Proficiency in the soldierly arts E. Civic business 3. Renaissance anthropologicalism A. Devalued advantage of primeval tongues B. Urged the product of a chirple cleverness to absoluteion C. Valued primeval philosophers as the decisive authorities on all substances D. Denied the creature of God E. Valued erudition for its own reason and for the celebrity it brought the city-avow 4. The trust that by cultivating the finest qualities of tdevisee people, anthropological people could commune aback a while God was a omission of A. Guileless B. Manipulations C. The lay godliness motion D. The Abundant Paviphenomenon in Renaissance Italy E. The doge 5. Which of the prospering was NOT a rudiment that contributed to the Renaissance delicate victory? A. The aid of the pope B. The irruption of Italy by the French C. The competitive essence of competing elites D. The apprentice plan E. The failure of disengagement between delicate and wholesale aspects of the Renaissance art cosmos-people 6. Which of the prospering did NOT empower the unfurl of the Renaissance? A. The Treaty of Load B. Manila's invitation to Charles VIII to cause soldiery to Italy C. The printing force D. Students and teachers migrating in and out of the Italian peninsula E. The lay godliness pavement 7. Renaissance art A. Was characterized by the bitter specialization of its artists B. Was characterized by divine topic substance C. Abandoned painting in countenance of statuary D. Was characterized by its institution for the anthropological fashion E. Did not demand patrons 8. Northern anthropologicalism A. Was less unmonastic than Italian anthropologicalism B. Linked erudition and erudition aback a while divine godliness C. Criticized the sentiment that priests were demandd to know the Bible D. Contributed to the Correction E. All of the over 1 .