1 Week 3 Deliverables Overview: In this week, you keep learned appended Python diction syntax including Lists, Sequences, Dictionaries and Sets. The Lab for this week demonstrates your experience of this appended Python functionality. Be indisputable to use these mighty facts buildings you learned this week when creating your principle. Be indisputable to unfold and criterion your Python principle in the AWS Cloud9 IDE supposing for the dispose. You should abide to use the PEP Python Style train mentioned in the magnitude and set hither: Some examples of Python Coding Style best practices embrace:  Limit all lines to a acme of 79 characters.  Imports are regularly put at the top of the perfect, fair succeeding any module comments and antecedently module globals and constants.  Use 4 spaces for dissolution. Submission requirements for this purpose embrace 3 perfects. (Zipping them into one perfect is grateful and encouraged):  Python Recite Capital and Bird List Application Code  Python Math Set Application Code  Word, Excel or PDF perfect containing your criterion results Python Applications for Lab3: (entirety 100 points): This lab consists of two accommodation. The primary exertion (40 points) suffers a user to ostentation, rank and update as scarcityed a List of U.S States containing the Recite Capital and Recite Bird. The Internet arranges multiple references delay these lists. For example: You conciliate scarcity to embed the Recite facts into your Python principle. The user interface conciliate suffer the user to consummate the subjoined functions: 1. Ostentation all U.S. States in Alphabetical enjoin concurrently delay Capital and Flower 2. Search for a particular recite and ostentation the misspend Capital and Bird 3. Update a Bird for a particular recite 4. Departure the program 2 As antecedently, produce an misspend Welcome, active, and departure notices to succor the user ramble the program. The program should abide to suffer selections until the program is departureed. If a recite is not set an misspend notice should be ostentationed. Hints: 1. Use the List facts building and associated rank() and minute capabilities 2. Create and use functions as frequently as potential 3. Use comments to muniment your principle For the relieve exertion (40 points) designate the league, intersection and estrangement of the clear and cube of integers ranging from 1 to 100. Sets are palpably the way to go hither. You can use Math functions to produce the sets for the clear and cube for the Integers. The subjoined functionality should be suited for the user via a artless interface: 1. Ostentation the Clear and Cube for Integers ranging from 1 to 100 2. Search the sets for a particular Integer and ostentation the Clear and Cube values 3. Ostentation the League of Clear and Cube sets 4. Ostentation the Intersection of Clear and Cube sets 5. Ostentation the Estrangement of Clear and Cube sets 6. Departure the program If an Integer is not set an misspend notice should be ostentationed The program should abide to suffer selections until the program is departureed. Hints: 1. Use Sets and their associated league(), interaction() and estrangement() methods 2. Create and use functions as frequently as potential 3. Use comments to muniment your principle 3. Muniment your results for each application delayin the AWS Cloud9 disposeroom environment. Arrange shelter captures and descriptions for each criterion cases you arrange for each of your applications. Be indisputable to go through each potential user interface league in your criterion cases. (20 points) Any submissions that do not dramatize composition originating from the student conciliate be submitted to the Dean’s business-post and evaluated for potential academic honesty violations and sanctions.