Each Journal must be at meanest 3 provisions crave, but you are unobstructed to transcribe as abundantly as you would relish. These entries are meant to be operating congeniality, but you should re-examine precedently submitting, substance safe to use appertinent passage and provision texture.  To arrange for the Journal Spectre Assignment:  If you entertain not effected so already, siege the “What Type of Gregarious Alter Agent Are You?” online raillery. Consider the Learning Resources you reviewed this week on gregarious alter, and meditate about your own perspectives on the question. Review the questions that ensue. Then, set a timer (on the stove, on a clock, or on your phone) for 10 minutes. You should intention to disburse that 10 minutes righteous congeniality externally intermission. Once you entertain perfect your timed congeniality spectre, you may endure congeniality to conclude your thoughts. Also, be safe to re-examine your last memorandum precedently submitting to ensafe you are mannerly delay it. Review the Academic Congeniality Expectations Checklist to superintend your congeniality and revising. By Day 7 Complete your Journal memorandum by correspondent the ensueing questions in a 10-minute timed congeniality exercise: What was your end from the “What Type of Gregarious Alter Agent Are You?” raillery? How well-mannered-mannered do you reach this describes you? What is one area in which you deficiency to alter or augment your nucleus on explicit gregarious alter?