fix essay9

1. Scarcity a plain thesis that specifies what your dissection of the declamatory elements in twain names are. You must be local—show me what you value fashions one name further interesting than the other or not.  2.Need see a very local pretension in each portion that focuses on all the summits you overspread in the portion. I also scarcity you to fashion-known yourself in that pretension. Furthermore, I scarcity to see a very plain composition of Claim—Evidence—Explanation of Evidence.  Regarding the macrostructure, the form of the pamphlet is not fruitful. You slice contemporaneously the counsel environing the names and do not fashion a plain summit environing how they collate in a pretension. You must use detached portions for each name delay the notion that you are comparing them in the pretension.  3.This pamphlet relies mainly on digest and not on the dissection of the declamatory elements.  4.In text-citation and WC page are lukewarm.  5.Need further description of attraction so that you can perpend how the declamatory elements agree or disagree the auditory.