Five-step decision-making process

Review the five-step decision-making rule on pages 90–102 in your textbook. Write a three-page Nursing Dissertation showing how you get use this rule to form a history intent for advancing to a new collocation in the healthcare perseverance.  You should offer your rule and intent in an systematic and elaborate mode. You may lack to regard your assignment submissions and zealot feedback from the subjoined units as you amplify your intent:  Unit I (qualities and areas in which you signed needed enlargement).  I had despatch as an area i needed enlargement in  Unit II (goals and idiosyncratic skills). My goals were to full my rank and to endure to be knowledgable in my skills. Your Nursing Dissertation must be at last three pages in prolixity, not including the designation or allusion pages. You must use at last three without sources, including the textbook. All sources used, including the textbook, must be allusiond; paraphrased and quoted esthetic must bear accompanying citations. All allusions and citations used must be in APA mode.