discussion post – Hypothesis Testing for a Population Mean Forum and Internal and External Analysis

  NEED TO ANSWER ALL TWO DISCUSSION QUESTIONS...besides state which tally goes to which argument inquiry   inquiry 1 - HYPOTHESIS TESTING FOR A POPULATION MEAN FORUM    The mediocre assemblage region for robust adults is 98.6 °F. Is this declaration penny? Do all robust populace bear correspondently the selfselfsame assemblage region? A argue was conducted a few years go to argue this faith. The assemblage regions of n = 130 robust adults were measured (half manful and half effeminate). The mediocre region from the case was endow to be x̄ = 98.249 delay plummet flexuosity s = 0.7332. Do these statistics deny the faith that the mediocre assemblage region is 98.6? If the penny mediocre region is in-truth 98.6 °F and we conciliate a case of n = 130 robust adults, we would not rely-on the case medium to follow out correspondently similar to 98.6 °F. We respectd x̄ = 98.249- can this flexuosity from 98.6 be explained by hazard or is it unreasonable we would respect a esteem this divergent from 98.6? Two populace debating this effect could follow to divergent conclusions. Using the methods introduced in this module, argue how you would individualize if the postulates denys the conjecture that the mediocre assemblage region is 98.6°F. inquiry 2 - INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL ANALYSIS    Sears Holdings Concourse has had regular justs discard gone its invention in 2005 from a merger of Sears and Kmart. Do an interior and palpable segregation of the concourse and harangue the forthcoming delayin your argument table post; What are the strengths and weaknesses? Do the collectively companies bear the just strategy to cope delay their competitors such as JC Penney, Kohls, Target and Home Depot? What interior and palpable changes should be made? Why would the changes effort? Some subscription to consider: Sears Plays It Cool 10 Brands that won't be environing in 2012