Cryptography research Paper

  Research Project PaperThe mind of the learning pamphlet is to furnish a complete reconnoitre of Symmetric Cryptography.uItems that should be addressed conceive, but are not scant to:uStrengths of using this produce of cryptographyuWeaknesses of using this produce of cryptographyuDescription of algorithms that tool symmetric cryptography and strengths / weaknesses of each algorithmuRelevant examples of later applications / toil that economize symmetric cryptographyuWhy does symmetric cryptography labor best for these applications?The pamphlet must be a poverty of 10 pages, Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced.  APA produceatting must be followed (shield page, formless, headers, page quantity, citations, intimations).  You must use your own language and properly mention and intimation all sources used. SafeAssign is used.  Anything after a while a SafeAssign score over 25% gain not be accepted for trustworthiness. You must annotate on the pamphlet which portio each student in the collocation completed. Research Project PresentationCreate a PowerPoint to offer the advice from your pamphlet to the Professor and Class.  The offeration should be among 10 -15 minutes in diffusiveness.  Each collocation component must offer a division of the offeration.  List each ACTIVE component of the collocation on the slide subjoined the epithet slide.  You must possess a intimations slide as the end.