CJ401 Where Do We Go From Here

As we entertain progressed through this method we entertain reviewed and evaluated unanalogous aspects of the community-oriented policing plan and entertain gotten a cheerful purpose of where we are now. But what of the advenient? Where are we headed to? If there is one monstrosity we entertain conversant it is that we are regularly evolving. For this week’s assignment deduce the advenient of community-oriented policing. A cheerful attribute for some instruction to begin after a while is here:  https://cops.usdoj.gov/. What changes are nature suggested? What are the strategies that communities and law enforcement agencies are not using now that potentiality be lucky in the advenient? Evaluate possibilities and produce suggestions as to how our communities can detain up after a while the times and abide to achievement after a while law enforcement to explain problems and amend the property of vitality in the neighborhoods.  Create a narrated PowerPoint bestowal that contains at last 10 slides which delineation your community-policing bearing in the advenient.   In your bestowal, summon at last 2-3 references using the APA title superintend format.