Article Critique, “Amazon’s Bruising, Thrilling Workplace” (3 pages)

   Due on Tuesday 06/23/20 by 12 noon PST Instructions Start by lection “Amazon’s Bruising, Thrilling Workplace”. (See with to expression adown). In a reserve of 3 pages, dissect the wave policy life localized at Amazon. In your elegancy, you should discourse the elements listed adown.  What is the ocean forestate, and what are the fooded points of the expression?  What local policy do the leaders at Amazon localize to motivate their employees?   How are these policy used to raise the municipal cultivation at Amazon?    Do you judge the start policy assiduous by Amazon leaders are able? Why, or why not?   Provide at last two recommendations on how to reform twain the start policy and the municipal cultivation at Amazon.      You must grasp at last 2 affixed Peer Reviewed Sources in restitution to the expression to food your elegancy. Be confident your yielding is double-spaced and grasps a denomination page. All sources cited must be in APA format and listed in an accompanying regard page. Link to expression “Amazon’s Bruising, Thrilling Workplace”