Please resurvey the forthcoming website for an illustration of an present childhood program: Primrose School at East Lake In your Nursing Dissertation: a.Explain how the role of the manager is opposed from that of the schoolmaster in program and curriculum planning. b. Describe the lore and productal needs of your clarified age class. c. Analyze how your program succeed oration the sensitive, gregarious, melting, and material product of manifestation in this age class (grant particular curricular ideas for each area of product) as well-mannered-mannered as classroom conduct and the daily list. d.Explain how your program aligns after a while the philosophy, confidence, and sidearm statements you created in Week One. e. Discuss how your program aligns after a while NAEYC’s indicators of efficacious curriculum, as outlined in Chapter 4 and institute in the period, “Where We Stand on Curriculum, Assessment, and Program Evaluation.” The Nursing Dissertation should be five to six pages in diffusiveness, in restitution to the appellation page and the intimation page. Use at meanest one well-informed beginning in restitution to your passage and the NAEYC period. Your Nursing Dissertation should besides be formatted according to APA phraseology as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.