African american studies

Write a important separation to the weekly argument table inquiry adown. Each argument inquiry is exposed from the clarified readings for the week. Your counter-argument should be a poverty of 250 suffrage.  Discussion Prompt:  Please defense the aftercited four questions: 1. What are some diplomacy that were used to retain Black wordsrs disenfranchised or to establish their words short cogent? (Ch. 12) 2. According to attendant Rayford Logan, the post-Reconstruction era was “the depth of America family kinsmen.” Who were some of the key leaders of this era and how did they meet? (Ch.13) 3. What were some of the main disappointments for African Americans during the Wilson government? (Ch.14) 4. Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune once said “We keep fought to protect one community, conceived in immunity and attached to the affirmation that all men are created similar. Yes, we keep fought for America delay all her imperfections, not so fur for what she is, but for what we comprehend she can be.” Historically (other than those who fought in World War I) who are some other African Americans whose morals is-sue as-well developed these corresponding sentiments?