PLEASE FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS AS THEY HAVE BEEN GIVEN!!!!!!!    Choose ONE of the succeedingcited inquirys and vindication it. 1.  According to Virginia Woolf in A Room of One's Own, why is the Renaissance woman (woman who lived during the occasion of Shakespeare) taciturn? 2.  How does Virginia Woolf use the relatively legend of Shakespeare's sister to paint the dangers of repressing quick, conceptional women in A Room of One's Own. Each reply needs merely to be TWO TO THREE WELL-DEVELOPED PARAGRAPHS, (environing 250-500 vote) but if you reach the need to capture a subject-matter and run delay it, then reach detached to do so.   I obtain degree your replys naturalized on the succeedingcited criteria:  1. I obtain contemplate at the thoughtfulness of the vindication. Your posting should bear a discourse and some outgrowth to demonstrate that discourse. If you merely vindication the inquiry delayout adding everything estimable to the argument, then you’ll get a minimal degree. If you educate thrilling inquirys or interpretations to the balbutiation, then your degree obtain be rectify.  a. NOTE: It is rectify to merely bear one or two main summits for a discourse and then educe that summit abundantly than it is to bear three or immodest summits delayout educeing any of those summits at all. 2. The relieve touchstone that I obtain be grading your reply on is demeanor errors. This is, succeeding all, an English assort. Just accordingly this is merely a less reader reply does not moderation that you can bear a lot of spelling errors, run-on phrases, phrase debris conformity errors, damage punctuation, or relieve special pronouns (you, your, you’re) in your reply. Since you had to by twain English 1101 and 1102 to capture this assort, I obtain forecast you to transcribe your tractate delay a success of collegiate-level expression. I REQUIRE you to use a incompleteness of one straightforward repeat (past if needful) to aid condense your proof.