Due Wednesday 8/21!! Part 1: Lection and Writing: I Do, We Do, You Do Chart Choose a lection and adaptation concept after a while a manoeuvre that aligns to what students in your scene test classroom are currently lore. Complete the "Reading and Writing: I Do, We Do, You Do" chart to superintend delayhold teaching for the 3-4 students signed by your adviser educationist. Within the chart, establish the subjoined to aid intent your lecture: Reading and Adaptation Concept I Do, We Do, You Do Differentiation Assessment Upon total of your chart, and after a while eulogy of your adviser educationist, mature the lecture to the students separated. Part 2: Reflection Using the “Reading, Writing, and Print Concepts: I Do, We Do, You Do” chart, condense and cogitate upon your chart, manoeuvre, and facilitation in 250-500 signification. Explain how you accomplish use your findings in your coming administrative performance. Submit your "Reading and Writing: I Do, We Do, You Do" chart and cogitateion as one deliverable. The lecture patent clear for this scene test accomplish be used to exhaustive your Literacy Toolkit assignment due in Topic 6. You accomplish be asked to frame revisions based on the implementation test previous to submitting the item intent at that space. Prepare this assignment according to the superintendlines plant in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An unsymbolical is not required. This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric previous to opening the assignment to grace household after a while the expectations for happy total.