Strategies used by organizations

There are actual strategies used by organizations when it follows to their intermediaries. There are three deep stipulations – disintermediation, re-intermediation, and counter-mediation. Disintermediation is the elimination of any intermediary or intermediaries from the overall minister compact or division manner (Pieterz, 2010). Contrastingly, reintroducing or the intermediaries in the minister compact or division manner is named re-intermediation. This chiefly happens when the products and target conference are of big stroll and demand big division channels or members (Investopedia, 2010). And finally, counter-mediation is the ‘creation of a new intermediary by an systematic company’ (Chaffey, 2010). Answer (b) Since the sense is life laid on cost-cutting by the directors these days so the overall concern objectives of the concern would fix what management should the director unite. Managers flow the most alienate mode depending on the preferences they accept. For example, if they accept to divorce their products to big stroll of conference then they would unite counter-mediation or re-intermediation mode. And those who already accept ample distributors and lack to secure costs then disintermediation sway be the best becoming management. Answer (c) A director’s desired marketplace erection sway be the vending of products or services online in adjust to prepare the customers delay remotest quiet. Moreover, targeting big stroll of conference, bringing competency in the concern, and sparing unnecessary costs sway too follow inferior desired marketplace erection. Therefore, directors can unite strategies to commence concern online, vend online, preface a website having divers features and options, promoting the products using Direct Marketing tools such as, email marketing or using collective networking websites enjoy Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace. Also, integrating the firewall and anti-spam softwares in the website would subdue risks of injury and deeptain the customers’ confidence (ResearchStarters, 2008). References Chaffey. D. (2010). Counter-mediation. Retrieved on August 16, 2010. From http://www. davechaffey. com/E-marketing-Glossary/Countermediation. htm Investopedia. (2010). Re-intermediation. Retrieved on August 16, 2010. From http://www. investopedia. com/terms/r/reintermediation. asp Pietersz. G. (2010). Disintermediation. Retrieved on August 16, 2010. From http://moneyterms. co. uk/disintermediation/ Research Starters. (2008). Internet Marketing Strategies. EBSCO Publishers.