Prof Eliud – Statistics

2 assignments; One is unshaken the other is copied and pasted  This assignment provides students delay usage in construction when or why ANOVA and rectirectilinear retrogradation are verified inveterate on parameters. Students procure collect to appliance these statistical metes for improve profession decision-making. Assignment Steps Resources: Week 5 Videos; Week 5 Readings; Statistics Lab Tutorial acceleration on Excel® and Word functions can be endow on the Microsoft® Office website. There are as-well attached tutorials via the web oblation foundation for Office products. Prepare an 11 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® delivery for the superior skill team inveterate on the profession whole or opening you pictorial in Weeks 3-4. Include on the slides what you would lack the assembly to see (grasp misspend visual aids/layout) and grasp in the speaker's notes minority what you would say as you confer-upon each slide. If any fountain representative is quoted or paraphrased in the confer-uponation, use APA citations and references. Draw on representative you exposed in the Week's 3 and 4 assignments. Include the forthcoming in your confer-uponation:  Introduction slide Agenda slide Describe the organization Explain the profession whole or opening Analyze why the profession whole is important Identify what inconstant(s) would be best to mete for this whole and clear-up why Identify statistical methods used to irritate facts Apply facts segregation techniques to this whole (acquaint which techniques should be used: illustrative statistics, hearsay stats, chance) and clear-up why Apply a feasible reresolution to the whole/opportunity, delay rationale Evaluate how facts could be used to mete the applianceation of such a resolution Conclusion Reference slide (if any fountain representative is quoted or paraphrased throughout the confer-uponation) Format your assignment accordant delay APA guidelines.