Part 2

  Part 2. Development of the Topic. This portio of the conclusive scheme is a tabulation of your ongoing labor on the conclusive tract; it should grasp three stipulations, one protection each clarified labor. You should so reach permanent to re-state what your matter is.  Identify how the matter you chose in Portio 1 appears in three divergent labors, each from a divergent Humanities punishment (visual art, still n ess, wanton, poetry, prose, theater, film, holiness). For entreaty, you could cull a epic, a painting and a exhibition from a film, all of which direct and dramatize the question of infuriate. Or, to be plain past particular, if you cull the feeling of "love," the conclusive tract could irritate and debate charity as it is directed in Shakespeare's Sonnet 147 (literature), Boticelli's Birth of Venus (visual art), and in the ballet Swan Lake (dance). Write one brief stipulation (3-5 sentences) encircling each of your selections in which you: Choose trustworthy and divert stances (a good-quality fiction, recording, video, etc.).   Identify and select the rise, including the adroit, agent etc. as polite as where you build the stance. Explain why you furnish the stance apt for this assignment and notice one utensil from the arrange materials and debateions you faculty be potent to use to chat encircling it. STOP: Before you agency in your assignment, reach permanent to ask yourself the aftercited questions:  Have I chosen three representations from three divergent fields of the Humanities? Are each of the dramatizeations I chose particular, trustworthy, divert, apt to my question? Have I offered an explanation for each stance that offers a conclude for including it?  Have I supposing a particular and divert exponeative utensil that I achieve mitigated use to expone each stance? Have I supposing a roll of media and do all of my citations unite to MLA 8th edition guidelines? Have I proofread this assignment for real, structural, and spelling errors?