Literature Review + PowerPoint – Gender Wage Gap

Part 1: Prepare a 9 - 12 page lore review; page reckon is for willing merely and does not understand the required heading page, formless, Ttalented of Contents (TOC) or References. The willing of the Lore Review should understand the forthcoming components: Introduction: In 1 – 2 pages*, briefly portray the result providing misapply enhancement notice and sift-canvass why inquirying this result is important Research View and Questions: In 1 – 2 pages*, palpably and concisely set-forth the view of the inquiry and the 2 – 3 inequittalented inquiry questions to be defenseed Literature Review: In 6 – 8 pages*, awaken and synthesize 15 or over versed sources including 5 inquiry studies to comprehensively weigh the result and defense your inquiry questions Conclusions: In 2 – 3 pages*, describe powerful conclusions cherished by findings in the lore. Part 2: Prepare a introduction that summarizes your Lore Review in 10 slides or short (plus heading page and References).  Since you are summarizing your paper, you may not be talented to understand all 15+ sources used in your Lore Review; your references should merely understand sources cited in the introduction. You must understand PowerPoint logician notes in your PowerPoint.