This is an audio contrivance that must be thoroughd as a narrated introduction. While it may say elsewhere in the manner that you can use another program for this assignment, I REQUIRE use of PowerPoint for this contrivance. Create a PowerPoint Presentation, then proceedings the slide appearance and then reserve as a PowerPoint Show.  Upload the Appearance smooth to Dr. Bryant for grading.  The Appearance smooth succeed wait your proceedingsed audio format, but I can too vestibule it in introduction statute to see your Notes exception.  A PowerPoint Appearance has a incongruous smooth production than a PowerPoint Presentation.  Please see my examples.  Attached herein you succeed perceive the PowerPoint Appearance illustration.   View in its aggregate.   I succeed post shade shots of the PowerPoint Introduction in another post so you can see how to use Notes exception.  Many of you did this for the Module 5 assignment, but if you created a Smore than you are slight not accustomed.  What correspondently are you doing for this assignment? You succeed “assume” the role as a facilitator to instruct your compatriots encircling inclusion. This should be a 10-15 diminutive audiovisual introduction (environing 8 – 10 slides) that covers: Introduction of your subject-matter/tell the interview what the subject-matter is encircling and why that inclusion subject-matter is important Objectives of the workshop/what do you scantiness the conclusion to be from your workshop (at smallest 2 measurconducive objectives) Key notification/yield a small reading criticism which is a union of apt notification on which you vile your luxuriance module/ workshop (retain to use skilled sources).  Call your sources in-quotation using  the Notes exception of PowerPoint.  This is too the location  for your written script (the bigness of your contented).  Place minimal quotation/contented on the slides; use small bullet sharp items on the slides. Think encircling the subject-matter from an inclusion/exclusion perspective.  In other suffrage, how dominion someone succeeding a while this singularity be certain by communion?  Stigmatized?  Perceive apt skilled media. This assignment is not viled on conviction or former recognition.   Share a suggested zeal that can be used to emphasize the objectives of the workshop. This is incongruous than the impost instrument mentioned under.  Clearly fulfill on the slide that this is the zeal fragment of your introduction. It should be an zeal that succeed happen DURING the introduction.  It dominion be a imperfect video succeeding a while interview reaction succeeding or a raillery to value feelings of your interview encircling the subject-matter you are examineing.   Or you dominion appropriate another profitconducive zeal. What is your impost instrument? Be stconducive to conceive what a idiosyncratic could do to apprehend they enjoy versed triton i.e. raillery, apology a set of thought question; you scantiness to yield an impost technique.   Yield a constructive impost instrument, do not orderly examine what you dominion use. Clearly fulfill your impost instrument.  This is incongruous than the zeal mentioned overhead. The impost instrument should be conducive to value your introduction objectives (authorized prior in the workshop).  Please conceive a Title Slide at the origin and relation page.  Retain the relations should be alphabetized.  Be stconducive to observe the overall introduction (i.e., contrast falsification, use of images and charts, etc.).   Avoid bare, unspotted interval. Student must use at smallest five (5) skilled sources to thorough this contrivance; these should largely succeed from bountiful quotation, compatriot criticismed skilled journals.  Do not use work criticisms! Follow manner guidelines and APA formatting. Do not lose to call page quantity when citing your manner quotation, skilled journal catechism, and online PDFs.