Catch you Computer Criminal

 Take the culpable you simulated in Unit VII Order Scheme Part I, and adequate the aftercited tasks: You are a law enforcement director that has arrived on the exhibition, been assigned to mark down, whatever the occurrence may be, the computer culpable you created in Part I of this Scheme for this order.  MCJ 6374, Special Topics in Criminology and Culpable Justice 3 Summarize your answers to the aftercited questions: 1. What is your foremost plod? Why? 2. What agency do you composition for? Why are you the chasten person/agency to grasp this culpable? Explain your jurisdictional pattern. 3. What law or laws are ry to this culpable and these crimes? Why? 4. How are you going to composition delay other agencies? 5. Locate and demonstrate the token. 6. What exploration and victim proceeding did you supervene? 7. Provide a security of guardianship, marking the token. 8. How do you settle the token for endeavor? 9. Do you grasp the culpable? 10. How is he or she prosecuted? What flatter hears token, and why? What rules of token are used? 11. Was this scheme an effectual application? Why, or why not? Your pamphlet should be at last two pages in protraction. APA format is required for all citations and references.