Capstone Project Guidelines

Format Papers must transfer the forthcoming format: * A4 brochure (21 cm expanded and 29 cm covet) * 1. 5 cm for the left index latitude suitableness 1 cm for the intermission of the latitudes * Times New Roman, 12 sharp-end hurl, Align Justified * Double Spacing * Poverty prolixity of 15 pages and apex of 50 pages including fashions, appendices and relations * Leave a broad verse betwixt paragraphs but do not indent * Include page bulk at the loftier suiconsideration * Do not print everything in header or footer . 2 Structure Chapter epithets must be centered in valiant principals. Forthcoming the knowledge dedicated in Executive Summary, it must not yield 200 articulation. The deep collectiveness of the brochure earn rouse at the page succeeding the Consideration of Contents. It earn be disconnected into chapters and sections (OPTIONAL). Sections should be numbered using two digits and their epithet fashiond in valiant fashionface (E. g. 1. 3 Validation). A broad verse must be left antecedently each epithet save the new pages. All extract must rouse at the left index latitude where new paragraphs should not be unimportant. 2 The ordain of the brochure is as prospers: 1. The chapters of the deep collectiveness of extract should prosper the format as implied balancehead. 2. The ACKNOWLEDGMENT(if required) and EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (titled centered and in valiant principal fashionface) 3. The REFERENCES and APPENDICES (titled centered and in valiant principal fashionface) 1. 3 Consideration and Figures * In disclosed considerations and fashions should be on the page where they are referred. Do not locate them collectively at the end of the manuscript. Also, considerations and fashions should be numbered consecutively and should possess informative epithets, which reach the axioms subordinatestandable externally referring to the extract. For caption use 10 pt, Times New Roman, centered. Tables must be numbered sequentially and possess a headstrong explanatory epithet centered balance the consideration. If a consideration is transfern from a spring, peculiar extract must be dedicated incorrectly it is considered as yours.* Figures must be drawn using a cheerful description software, NOT SIMPLY SCANNED; must be numbered sequentially and possess a headstrong explanatory epithet centered subordinate the fashion. All fashions must be drawn peculiarly and can be seen well-balanced externally expansion or abatement. Photographs must be of cheerful description. If a fashion is transfern from a spring, peculiar extract must be dedicated incorrectly it is considered as yours. Use footnotes carefully and locate it on the inferior suiconsideration foot on the page on which they are referred. Use Times New Roman, 8 sharp-end fashion, uncompounded spaced. 3 Consideration 1. Caption of consideration should be justified, delay knowledge subordinatestandable externally relation to the extract. Items| A| B| C| 1| 20| 23| 12| 2| 21| 24| 23| 3| 22| 12| 51| Fashion 1. Caption of fashion should be justified, delay knowledge subordinatestandable externally relation to the extract. 1. 4 Reports The Capstone Contrivance decisive tidings must possess the forthcoming: INTRODUCTION Contrivance Context: What is animated, precious or leading in this contrivance?Purpose and Description: What is this contrivance and why do we insufficiency this contrivance? Objectives: Should be measurable using the remainder of this contrivance. 4 Scope and Limitation: This earn set your boundaries for the contrivance. Scope deals delay what your contrivance can do, suitableness constraint deals delay what your contrivance can’t do. REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE: This multiply earn expound novel scrutiny that earn prop the contrivance’s scrutiny. It earn not showplight what other scrutinyers possess performed. METHODOLOGY Requirements Analysis: This multiply earn argue the requirements set by the client (user of the dispose/website/network).Use Plight Diagram and Narrative (O/Information System), Entity Relationship Diagram, Axioms Dictionary and other needful axioms earn be argueed to prepare the requirements. Contrivance of Software, Systems, and/or Processes: Succeeding setting the requirements, the tyro should argue the contrivance of their contrivances either it is a software, dispose and/or modees. Network Floor Layout (Network Contrivance and Implementation), Routing Consideration (Network Contrivance and Implementation), Conextract Diagram (if ry), Axioms Flow Diagram (if ry), Functional Partitioning (if ry) and other needful axioms should be graphic and argueed. Description of the Prototype: In this multiply, how type is used in the contrivance earn be argueed. For Online/Information Systems, software condition cycle such as Water Fall Model, Rapid Prototyping Model, Spiral Model, etc. For Websites, Joomla and/or other disclosed spring. For Network Contrivance and Implementation, network fashion/classification, architecture and other needful axioms earn be graphic and argueed. Bud and Testing: This multiply earn converse the metamorphose of well-balancedts during the bud and testing of the dispose and/or mode. Bugs, errors, other constraints and solutions to these problems should be argueed. Implementation Plan (if ry): A register twain agreed by the client and the tyro/researcher must be purposed and graphic using a Gantt Chart. A elaborate argueion on implementation register should be highlighted on this multiply. Implementation Results (if ry): A argueion on the remainders during implementation, bugs, errors and other constraints familiar. Solutions to these problems should as-well be argueed. 6RESULTS AND DISCUSSION: This earn argue the contrivance’s remainder and Analysis Report. CONCLUSION: Refer to page 14 RECOMMENDATION: Refer to page 15 1. 5 Relation Eninfallible that the relations cited in the extract are as-well give in the relation catalogue and evil versa. In the collectiveness of the documents are referred by cause’s surdesignate delay the year of proclamation in parenthesis. If the passage itheadstrong is in parenthesis, the year of proclamation is divided by comma. If the relation has prefer than two causes, solely the surdesignate and primals of the leading cause prospered by et al. n italics earn answer in the collectiveness of the extract. The extract should answer in the extract as the cause(s) conclusive designate(s) prospered by the year of proclamation in concatenate, e. g. Cortez et al. (1996), Heng et al (2007), Cortez and Muin (2008), Cortez and Saadat (2008), and Cortez (2002). To generous the brochure, relations must be dedicated alphabetically by cause’s surdesignate including surname(s) and primal of cause(s), divided by comma, year of proclamation in parenthesis, epithet of brochure, epithet and body of the chronicle in valiant fashionface, and leading and conclusive pages.In plight of works, the epithet of the work must be in valiant fashionface, the leading missive is principalized; the publisher and the city/town of proclamation must be implied. 7 Unpublished remainders and single communications should not be in the relation catalogue, but may be mentioned in the extract. Extract of a relation as 'in press' implies that the part has been accepted for proclamation. A catalogue of relation should be dedicated at the end of the extract in alphabetical ordain of leading cause's conclusive designates and then prefer select chronologically if needful. More than one relation from the selfselfselfsame cause(s) in the selfselfselfsame year must be agentized by the missives "a", "b", "c", etc. , located succeeding the year of proclamation Citing and catalogueing of web relations. As a poverty, the generous URL should be dedicated. Any prefer knowledge, if disclosed (cause designates, dates, relation to a spring proclamation, etc. ), should as-well be dedicated. Web relations can be catalogueed individually (e. g. , succeeding the relation catalogue) subordinate a contrariant designation if desired, or can be interjacent in the relation catalogue. For callless tidingss and standards, alphabetize by the issuing whole.The relation catalogue must be summarized at the end of the deep extract. Reach infallible relation knowledge is generous and obsequious in the forthcoming ordain: conclusive designates and primals of all causes; year of proclamation; epithet of brochure, tidings, or work chapter; epithet of work or periodical; body and offspring bulk; designate and dregs of publisher (for works), designate and dregs of publisher or sponsor (for archives); and embracing page bulk. 8 The forthcoming examples give some of the most ordinary plights of referencing at the end of the brochure; fascinate prosper them as strictly as potential. )