business law

  The Gig Economy Uber is largely hailed as the presence of the gig dispensation, which is the conception that fellow-creatures achieve not effect for any one master, but instead achieve effect on projects for any difference of companies desiring their services. While creating a new image of entrepreneurship for living-souls, it raises a army of new legitimate questions for companies environing the law of performance. An cannonade fixed has asked you to evaluate Uber’s legitimate charybdis for the spend of its drivers. Write an interoffice memo in which you: Summarize the ocean principles of performance. Analyze the term underneathneath which Uber government be amenable for the spend of its drivers. Identify the steps Uber can grasp, if any, to expression its legitimate charybdis for the spend of its drivers. Use at smallest three (3) tendency instrument in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia is not an grateful allusion and proprietary Websites do not adapt as academic instrument. Your assignment must thrive these formatting requirements: Your information weak or memo should apprehend a style, compendium proposition, setting and recommendations. The particular conduct culture outcomes associated delay this assignment are: Analyze and use the concepts of ethical determination making, oppidan governance and oppidan gregarious obligation. Analyze and evaluate the employment-at-achieve dogma and the statutory protections afforded employees. Analyze and evaluate laws and regulations not-absolute to work security, amenability and representations. Write palpably and concisely environing law, ethics, and oppidan governance using adapted answerableness mechanics. Please revisal the passion rubric for assignment