Assignment: Psychology of Unity Elaboration and Well-Being Elaboration Matrix Repursuit is a fastidious factor of the groundwork of metaphysical assumption in unconcealed, and surely has been fastidious in the harvest of theories of unity. When consuming elaboration environing a elaboration subject-matter, it is grave to recognize basic aspects of metaphysical elaboration pur-pose, including life able to segregate among induced and ascititious elaboration pur-poses, and to fastidiously dissect, excellent, and synthesize peer-reviewed creed bearing to your elaboration purposes.  For this Assignment, you procure pick-out a subject-matter on well-life amid a consecrated area of unity assumption.  Using the Walden Library, you procure elaboration a restriction of three present (5 years or newer) peer-reviewed elaboration creed and adjust your boundary notice in a Unity and Well-Being Lore Review Matrix.  A matrix is not meant to hinder all of the details environing creed base but sufficient to acceleration you embody the creed that profit you in the area of unity and weal. You procure then use your elaboration to cause a body of the ideas presented. To Prepare From the Learning Resources, download the “Personality and Well-Being Lore Review Matrix” and populate it delay the requested notice environing your three present (5 years or newer) peer-reviewed elaboration creed connected to your subject-matter environing how a consecrated area of unity can be used to augment the well-life of beings.   Assignment (2–3 pages, in attention to inscription page and references; 50 points) Part 1: Unity and Well-Being Lore Review Matrix Using the Unity and Well-Being Lore Review Matrix, populate the matrix delay the aftercited requested notice environing the three creed connected to your well-life subject-matter of profit that is personally or professionally bearing to you and that relates to the junction among a consecrated unity frame and augmentd weal. Repursuit subject-matter Article citations in APA format       Design of examine (e.g., ascititious, induced, partial methods, meta-analysis, condition examine, etc.)     Repursuit questions Methodology (e.g., participants, questionnaires, etc.)   Results of examine       Take-home missive of the examine (i.e., what does this examine say environing enhancing the well-life of beings?) Part 2: Psychology of Unity Elaboration and Well-Being Using the notice in your matrix, transcribe a body of the elaboration environing your well-life subject-matter. A body is not a compendium of each boundary. In a body you consider the multiform resources by describing the deep ideas or themes, covered counter the three references. Be peculiar, cater examples, and vindicate your apology delay citations from the Resources in your Learning Activities or from your pursuit from the lore and/or the Walden Library.