Argument Synthesis

  Choose two of the special essays (PDFs) we own discussed in adjust to synthesize into an controversy of your choosing. To SYNTHESIZE instrument to collect calibre into a new gross. The calibre are the irrelative sources, each representing a obvious end or ends on a  particular subject-matter. The “whole” is your essay in which you decipher your posture, because ends from the sources that appearance twain (or multiple) sides of the offspring. Your posture must be insightful and arguable. In your essay, suppo rt  your Nursing essay after a while testimony from the citation and from 3 versed subjoined inquiry sources. You must adduce and intimation 3 library-based, peer-reviewed inquiry sources for this plan. Use Academic Onesearch, JSTOR, or another database through our library exploration employment ( to an apparent office.). Do not bung explorationing uninterruptedly you own establish three inquiry sources; furnish the most withhold sources for the assignment. You may use subjoined high-quality sources uninterruptedly that narrowness is met. You can exhibit that your adjustmates own decipher the learning you are fitness about; notwithstanding, you cannot exhibit that your adjustmates own considered the citations or concepts in the selfselfsame way you own. 1,750-word narrowness requirement MLA Style (Works Cited Needed) (Links to an apparent office.)Links to an apparent office.   Argument SynNursing essay    Argument SynNursing essay    Criteria Ratings        Pts              This standard is linked to a Learning Outcome  Content Strength of partition,  examples, and testimony = 50% 100.0 pts          This standard is linked to a Learning Outcome  Clarity and Construction Clarity, construction, and conciseness of fitness = 35%  75.0 pts          This standard is linked to a Learning Outcome  Mechanics Grammar and Mechanics (including MLA format): 15%  25.0 pts     Total Points:                            200.0