week 5 Slides , Dashboard/Outcome Report exercise – Tableau Visualization + Explanation, Dashboard or Outcome Report – Describe and explain

  Assignments Maroon = Partaker employment (partaker not required) - You may employment delay and alter in the similar assignment as 1 other student for the all assignments this week. (Except Discussion.) (1) Email-essay:  When you construct a resolution, it is crucial to counterpart: What is the desired fruit? How earn that fruit be measured / monitored?  For this week’s essay, you earn transcribe an email to your boss describing the desired fruit for the resolution made in one of the subjects (Salesforce, Netflix) and how that fruit earn be measured. Specify: desired fruit/scheme objective what metrics/KPIs earn be monitored and why (min 2 KPIs/metrics) define KPI targets for the KPIs what it instrument if a point metric or KPI goes up or down what inner teams earn be binding for monitoring which KPIs An sample from prior session:  ALY_6100_Week_5_Assignment_Email_Anita_Lok.pdf ALY_6100_Week_5_Assignment_Email_Anita_Lok.pdf - Alternative Formats Other requirements: Use in succession citations where appropriate Include a regard list/bibliography Minimum 2 regards (including body and subject examine) Minimum 300 words This week’s essay earn not entertain slides associated delay it, instead earn use Tableau to institute a Dashboard or Fruit Report. (2,3) Dashboard/Outcome Report exercise - Tableau Visualization + Explanation (2) Dashboard or Fruit Report - Tableau This week in tabulate we reviewed how companies footprint and visualize key metrics and KPIs. For schemes in which metrics can be measured in an automated mould, these may be visualized delay eternally updated Dashboards (e.g. Netflix viewing postulates). For schemes in which metrics cannot be conducive in an automated fashion, and/or are simply conducive quarterly/yearly, an Fruit Report may be executed. Based on this week's email-essay and your acquirements of the Salesforce or Netflix case, use Tableau to imitate up Dashboards or an Fruit Report using contrived postulates. (1) Contrived postulates. Do not go looking for postulates. You are making your own! I deficiency you to assume 2 KPIs for your subject balance some epoch of interval. See Simulating Postulates minority over for tutorial video and sample rule.  For a Dashboard, you'd probably entertain the total by the detailed to daily. For an Fruit Report, you'll probably assume values on a daily, monthly, quarterly, or annually plea.  Make realistic contrived postulates. I don't deficiency you to get the total clearly exact, but I'd relish to see them delayin an ordain of body of genuineness and the alteration in the total to construct sensation (e.g. if you consider the curve of your KPI earn be increasing, construct enduring the curve of your KPI is increasing) (2) Beget a Dashboard or Fruit Report for the KPIs in Tableau Using what you conversant from the visualization esthetic this week, beget a Dashboard or Fruit Report in Tableau for the postulates. See Simulating Postulates minority over for tutorial video that understands using Tableau.  The meaning of these graphs is to admit the viewer to undeviatingly assess the fruits (as far as KPIs) for the scheme. Make the graphs manageable to expound - use legends, frame in an manageable to decipher way, etc Make incompleteness 2 graphs in Tableau (min one for each KPI) Submission For this assignment, gladden captivate screenshots or construct a PDF of your Tableau visualizations. Your meekness can be in PDF or PPT(X) format. You may too understand the connect to your Tableau scheme. You earn define and expound your Fruit Report or Dashboard in part-among-among (3), which earn be a severed meekness. (I earn grade them proximate to each other, though.) I don't deficiency to see your rule/Excel notebook/etc.  (3) Dashboard or Fruit Report - Define and expound  In assign of a soon counterpart this week, I deficiency you to define an expound your Dashboard or Fruit Report imitate-ups. Gladden understand: Definitions of the KPIs/metrics you understandd in your imitate-ups Why you understandd each KPI/metric Why you adopt to vault the metric in the way you adopt Other requirements: Use in succession citations where appropriate Include a regard list/bibliography as appropriate Minimum 300 words Submission instructions This folder contains TurnItIn submissions for (1) email-essay, (2) Dashboard or Fruit Report, and (3) define and expound.