Process Recording

A way recording is a written machine used by province command test students to discuss the dynamics of gregarious achievement interactions in age. Way recordings can aid in developing and refining interviewing and insinuation skills. By conceptualizing and organizing ongoing activities delay gregarious achievement clients, you are talented to eliminate the object of interviews and insinuations, identify peculiar and functional strengths and weaknesses, and ameliorate self-awareness. The way recording is so a adapted machine in exploring the interpeculiar dynamics and values bountiful between you and the client order through an decomposition of filtering the way used in recording a compact. For this Assignment, you allure comply a way recording of your province command tests restricted to this week. Note: You are complyting a written likeness, not an audio or video recording. The Assignment (2–4 pages): Provide a likeness of what happened during your province command test, including a discourse of interaction delay a client. Explain your explanation of what occurred in the discourse, including gregarious achievement custom theories, and illustrate how it susceptibility recount to dissimilarity or cultural adequacy practised this week. Describe your reactions and/or any issues recountd to your interaction delay a client during your province command  experience. Explain how you applied gregarious achievement custom skills when performing the activities during your way recording.